100 Things To Do in 2021: Quarantine Bucket List Edition

girl takes photo of birds for 100 things to do this year 2021 bucket list

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      This year we’re doing a 2021 quarantine bucket list and adding things that can be achieved while (mostly) stuck indoors. Here’s our annual list of 100 things to do this year: social-isolation edition complete with a checklist you can download and tick off with me!


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      Have you ever stopped and written down a list of things to do in a year, a month, a life that will propel you into a positive direction.

      Have you ever written down yearly bucket list ideas of activities that you know you LOVE doing, but never get the time to do anymore? Do you need some cool things to try in 2021 to make your life more fulfilling? Are you trying to find cool things to do before 2021 ends? Or simply want ideas for 100 new things to try in general?

      Then read on, because this is the ultimate achievable bucket list ideas lineup on the internet!

      The Premise of 100 Things to Do This Year

      Each new year, I like to build up excitement for the coming year. This is an activity I sometimes do with my friends, we write down a sort of 2021 bucket list, including items of things to do in the coming year.

      To be clear, this is not a “100 things to do before you die” or ‘100 things to do in life” bucket list. But instead, it is a list of fun things to do in 2021 only.

      It can include bucket list things you’ve already done in the past or new things you haven’t tried yet, and have been meaning to do. It can also include things you’ve done before and want to do again, like going camping or volunteering, even to continue learning a foreign language.

      Have a think about other cool things you’re already doing in 2021 that you can add to the list.

      The idea of this 100 things to do bucket list game is to find you new activities to try that you wouldn’t usually do, and it helps push you to actually do them.

      Make 2021 a year of crossing off cool bucket list ideas, gratitude, and pushing yourself to get more out of life. Let’s get going with this list of things to accomplish in a year before we run out of time!


      Need some inspiration?

      This cool 100 fun things to do after quarantine bucket list poster lets you scratch off items to reveal them once completed! A high-quality poster that comes in a neat gift box.



      For anyone playing at home, here are the rules to the game of 100 Things to Make and Do in 2021.

      1. Take a piece of paper or notes on your phone and write the numbers 1 to 100. Or print out my list if you prefer.

      2. Write a goal to accomplish or a fun thing to do (it can be things you’ve done before that you enjoy).

      3. Repeat the above until you have 100 bucket list items.

      4. Ensure your list is concise and split things up if needed (e.g if you want to do something big, split the goal up into smaller achievable goals over a series of points so you can tick them off one by one)

      NOTE Keep in mind that this is a list of 100 new things to do in only 365 days, meaning you’ll be doing one item every 3.6 days. Don’t make your list unachievable, keep it simple!

      5. Start 2021 with a fun and achievable list of 100 goals to accomplish this year and get excited for the year ahead!

      Want to Play Along With Me?

      Do you want to watch my yearly list of things to do game play out on Instagram? Come and play along with me!

      We can help each other stay motivated and share each other’s happiness when we achieve a new goal.

      So I can stay up to date on how your yearly things to do checklist is going, follow my Instagram, and use the hashtag #100Things2021.

      I’ll be reposting achievements from my followers on my Instastories too! I can’t wait to see your life get so much better in 2021 with a list of fun new things to try. Let’s do this!

      Need Help With Your List?

      If you are having trouble coming up with ideas of 100 things to do before 2021 ends, just use my bucket list examples below. That way we can do the checklist together – such fun!

      The Best List of 100 Things to Achieve in 2021

      If you are struggling to come up with 100 things to do in a year, check out my 100 cool things to do in 2021. Quarantine bucket list ideas for everybody!


      1. ✔︎ Cook a cuisine from a different country

      I love Thai, Indian, and Mexican food. This year I would love to try to perfect a vegan slow-cooked Indonesian rendang.

      2.✔︎ Bake something delicious

      I always intend to do so much more baking than I end up doing. But this year I resolve to bake a margarita cheesecake.

      To help me along I’ll be grabbing this springform cheesecake pan. It’s great for baking cakes as well!

      3. ✔︎ Get Uber Eats food delivered

      This will be ticked off probably once a week tbh 🤣. Simple bucket list ideas are the way to go!

      4. ✔︎ Eat meat-free meals for an entire month to help combat climate change

      It’s pretty well documented that meat is playing a big part in the destruction of our planet. I gave Earth and my body a break for a month by going meat-free in January! 💃

      5. ✘ Create some art for the home

      I really love the idea of this Paint-By-Numbers Kit from Amazon. I like paint-by-numbers because I don’t have to think too hard about color combinations and I know it’ll look great when it’s finished!

      I’ll definitely be grabbing myself one of these for the cooler months this year.

      6. ✔︎ Make up a new cocktail

      I love to add this to my yearly bucket list almost every time! In 2020 I came up with vodka and flavored soda water with elderflower cordial and mixed frozen berries. So light and delicious! This year I made a spicy mezcal margarita with tajin on the sides and a slice of jalapeno in the drink. So yum!

      If you’re after a super cool cocktail-making kit, check out this Stylish AF Bartender Kit on Amazon! It will look so cool on the counter when hosting your next dinner party.

      7. ✘ Have a plastic-free week

      It’s harder than you’d think! This is going to mean reusable drinking straws, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable storage bags, reusable shopping bags, and many trips to the bulk foods shop with food storage containers.

      8.✔︎ Rearrange a room in your home

      This is a very therapeutic activity that can sometimes make you feel like you’ve had a holiday. Since we’ll have more time at home this year, I think this is a valuable way to pass the time.

      9. ✔︎ Do a spring clean of the entire house

      I know my house was in dire need of a full-on spring clean. How about you? This is the perfect idea for productive things to do on a Sunday.

      10. ✔︎ Give the backyard a makeover

      Since we’re all spending so much more time at home let’s make it more comfortable. For our quarantine summer bucket list, we’ve spruced up our backyard (long overdue). We grabbed some of these gorgeous Edison lights and a new sun umbrella to make it perfect for our Mardi Gras get together!

      11.✔︎ Do a spring clean of your computer

      An extremely important item on this things to do list. This includes backing up the documents on your computer, cleaning out emails and removing your name from any email subscription you no longer want, organizing passwords, and etc.

      12. ✘ Decorate with nostalgic travel memorabilia

      So we can’t do much travel but we can make our home reflect our love of travel. When I found this wooden world map on Amazon I knew I’d have to find a way to put them on my wall. Aren’t they so cool?

      I will also frame a huge painting from a Guatemalan artist for the lounge room. I can’t wait to see how it looks!

      13. ✘ Brew your own kombucha, beer or alcohol

      Whether you’re into beer or kombucha, there’s no doubt fermenting produces great results. I’ve always wanted to brew my own beer but thought it was too hard. That was until I talked to someone just recently who told me how easy it is when you have the right gear.

      She pointed me in the direction of a beer brewing kit like this (also recommended by Buzzfeed!) so I’d like to try my hand at it this year.

      14.✔︎ Do a zoom chat or connect with an elderly relative

      If The Rona has taught us anything, it’s that we miss our loved ones most when we are separated from them. I love the idea of asking an elderly relative questions about their life when they were younger, the answers are always surprising! In 2021 I want to ensure I connect better with those around me (without endangering them) by giving them a long-overdue video call.

      15. ✘ Video call with a long-distance friend

      Similar to the above, 2021 will be all about connections. I have many overseas friends that I’ve lost touch with. Knowing it may be a very long time before we are able to see each other again, I want to make sure they know that they are still in my thoughts.

      16. ✔︎ Teach your pet a new trick

      So far we’ve got him to “step-up”, to touch the end of a stick with his beak, and to run under my hand (like a hoop). 🐦

      17. ✔︎ Do a DNA test

      MARCH UPDATE: I got my results! See my Instagram Stories… I am SHOOK!

      Also, I guess my grandad isn’t my blood grandad then…. See below for more info!

      This year my two sisters and I did a DNA test. Why? Because we all have different fathers, and one sister’s dad is largely absent so she knows little about him.

      It is also unclear as to whether my grandfather is actually my blood grandfather after my grandmother had a short break up with him before my father was born. My known grandad is a quarter Filipino, and the fling granddad was Scandinavian – so the test results will settle a huge, long unknown for me and my dad.

      18.✔︎ Do karaoke at home

      Let’s just pretend we can go out and get trashed at bars..? There’s nothing like doing karaoke, from the safety of your own home 🤣.

      This year I resolve to let my hair out (just a little) and do some home karaoke with friends (so long as we aren’t social distancing anymore). Also, how cool is this home karaoke package?

      19. ✘ Stay off social media for a week

      We all need to do this for our mental health, I think. Though it’ll be hard – I might have to go somewhere remote with no network!

      20. ✔︎ Drink a gallon (3.8 litres) of water per day for a month

      For health of course.

      21. ✘ Write an entertaining story or poem from your life

      I’ve been wanting to collate all my hilarious and stupid mishaps into a short book. I love retelling funny stories from my travels. It’s a big job though so I thought I’d just start with writing one story.

      22. ✔︎ Watch an Arthouse film

      As a lover of all things weird and unique, I do enjoy a good niche arthouse film. There’s something magical about knowing you are consuming something not intended for the masses.

      This year I watched Disobedience about a forbidden lesbian relationship within the Orthodox Jewish community in London.

      23.✔︎ Watch an Anime film

      I love me a good Hayao Miyazaki manga anime and I’m slowly trying to make my way through all of them. I love that many of his films feature strong female leads and the imagery is sublime.

      This year I want to watch Nausicaä about a warrior princess who struggles to prevent two warring nations from destroying themselves and their dying planet.

      24.✔︎ Watch a series on travel

      I really want to watch the Netflix series: Street Food. From the hawker stalls of Singapore to the food carts of India, plus Latin America. This should keep my taste buds and eyes busy for a while.

      But if you’re strapped for ideas, you could just whittle away the time watching every single video on my Youtube Channel…?

      25.✔︎ Go to the movies or a drive-in cinema

      This is the ultimate quarantine bucket list idea! Social-distance while also going out! Eat popcorn from the comfort of your car. I have no idea what I want to watch, but I definitely want to do this!

      26.✔︎ Do 10 hours of language learning on Duolingo

      Duolingo is easily one of the best apps to help you start learning a language. It’s also proven to help you retain the language.

      I use Duolingo to refresh my Spanish and learn new words!

      27. ✘ Make a memory book

      I’ve been meaning to make a family memory book to get printed for a while. Maybe I’ll be motivated now it’s on my list.

      I really like the memory book templates like this one that makes it easy to design and print your own memory photo album from digital pictures.

      28.✔︎ Start a journal

      Have you heard about these scratch-off adventure journals from The Adventure Challenge? You don’t know what your adventure will be until you scratch it off. Then you have space to write notes and stick a photo of you completing the experience in the book.

      29.✔︎ Read a book you’ve always wanted

      I read a book series in high-school called The Clan of the Cave Bear, by Jean M Auel that totally shook me (even as a rebellious teenager). It’s the perfect quarantine book series IMO!

      30.✔︎ Read a book about travel

      I’m really digging the idea of this book; The Geography of Bliss. It’s part travel memoir, part humor, and part twisted self-help guide to investigating not WHAT happiness is, but WHERE it is.

      31.✔︎ Read a graphic novel

      I thoroughly enjoyed the Umbrella Academy series on Netflix and was delighted to discover there is an Umbrella Academy graphic novel. I read this graphic novel in one day. It was a real page turner.

      32.✔︎ Meditate for an hour

      I have so much trouble unwinding and falling asleep. I find meditation and sleep apps helpful. This year I want to get to one hour of guided meditation.

      33.✔︎ Write a hand-written letter to someone special and post it

      A lot of us feel disconnected when we can’t visit our family and friends. Why not pretend you’re happily traveling and send an old-school postcard home.

      I especially love these Enchanted Forest color-in postcards as it makes the process even more special and also ticks off my bucket list activity #39 at the same time!

      34. ✔︎ Buy something to make working from home more comfortable

      We’d wanted a cold brew coffee maker for a while. Now we have one and we’ve loved the delicious cold coffees we were making over summer!

      35. ✔︎ Buy a new travel item

      I’m on the market for a collapsible water bottle. It’s useful for so many different lock-down activities. I might grab this foldable water bottle from Amazon for myself.

      36. ✔︎ Donate to a charity or someone in need

      This National Sorry Day I donated to Djirra who are supporting Aboriginal women’s safety and wellbeing in Victoria.

      37.✔︎ Do something kind for someone and pay it forward

      I’ve always loved the idea of creating a ripple of kindness, where you do something kind for a stranger, and they in turn “pay it forward” by doing something kind for someone else.

      38.✔︎ Compliment a stranger

      Who isn’t fond of getting compliments? I particularly enjoy complimenting people on the street if I like their style or vibes.

      39.✔︎ Color in a page from an adult coloring book

      Although I already have more adult coloring books than what would be considered “normal” I have been eyeing off this Splendid Cities Coloring Book on Amazon – mainly because of the awesome birds-eye-view pictures.

      40.✘ Lose 8.8 pounds/4 kg

      Ideally, I’d like to do this right at the start of the year so I can spend the rest of the year trying to maintain my ideal weight (68 kg). I’ll try to drop the kilos fast by doing time-restricted eating combined with exercise and my own form of elimination diet where I eliminate bad foods one day at a time until I am eating only vegetables and herbs. I find this is a good way to reset my cravings as well as lose weight.

      June update: I’m halfway there! Less than 2 kg to go!

      41. ✔︎ Eat healthy for 2 months

      After the elimination diet, I’ll be doing whole-foods, plant-based eating for at least 2 months to settle my body into its new weight.

      42. ✘ Give up alcohol for 1 month

      Have you ever tried this before? I never had, but I SO want to now that I get wretched hangovers. 😵 My partner says we’ll do it in February as there are fewer days!

      43. ✔︎ Relax in a bath

      I don’t have a bath but I sure do love them! The next opportunity I get I’ll be jumping in a bath with some of these petal-infused delicious-smelling bath salts. Luxury.

      44.✔︎ Take an online course to learn a new skill

      What skills do you need to improve on?

      I love SEO and keyword research! 🤓 I know. I want to level up my skills by getting into Google Ads Training through Udemy which uses keywords to sell to people who are searching for those things.

      45. ✘ Make and post a Tik Tok video

      Anyone else on Tik Tok? Share your handle in the comments so we can follow! I haven’t made any yet but I so want to!

      46. ✔︎ Make a list of things you grateful for

      I do this weekly in my beloved Passion Planner that I use for increasing productivity and staying organized, but I like to also put this on my yearly bucket list because it’s a good reminder to stay positive.

      47.✔︎ Buy a gift card for your favorite local business

      Help support your favorite struggling small business through this tough time by buying a gift card and using it when things are starting to go back to normal.

      48.✔︎ Play a board game

      I got given the board game Code Names which I’ve only played once. It’s a top seller on Amazon though and I can definitely vouch that it’s super fun (and a bit of a time suck, haha). Will be playing again at every opportunity this year!

      49. ✘ Buy a weighted blanket to get better sleep

      I am obsessed with the idea of a weighted blanket to help me sleep. As someone who loves the feel of a blanket on my skin while I sleep, I think this weighted blanket will be the perfect solution to my insomnia problems.

      50.✔︎ Buy a houseplant from a local nursery

      I got this cute AF person holding a pot planter for my birthday last year and I shamefully haven’t put anything in it yet. Well, that’s going to change this year as soon as I get my hands on some more succulents!

      51. ✘ Paint a plant pot

      I have some of these quaint little terracotta pots for my succulents that I’ve been meaning to paint for a while. I want to paint just the rims with a brightly-colored geometric style.

      52.✔︎ Eat street food

      Keep the feeling of travel alive by munching on some good food from a truck or shop window while standing on the street. My favorite way to eat! Try to find a place in your current city and give them a socially-distanced visit.

      53.✔︎ Take yourself on a date

      Take self-love more literally and show yourself how much you care. Good bucket list ideas are meant to make you feel great too!

      54.✔︎ Cook a 3-course meal for someone special

      This is always a crowd favorite. Entree, main and dessert cooked from the safety of your home. Plus add one of your invented cocktails from #6 to kill two birds with one stone.

      55.✔︎ Cook an outdoor BBQ with friends

      Nothing brings people together better than a summer BBQ in the backyard. Only when it’s safe, of course.

      56. ✔︎ Grow herbs from seed

      I hate buying herbs from the shops. They’re so expensive and they die so quickly! As someone who uses herbs in almost every dish, I want to start growing my own. This little indoor herb growing kit looks like it could be a solution to all my problems.

      57.✔︎ Find a way to show someone special how much you love them

      My first thought on this one is to help my sister Lucy spring clean her house. She had a baby not too long ago and I want to help her out by taking some of the boring chores off her hands.

      58. ✘ Indoor/garden scavenger hunt

      Need ideas for things to do in quarantine with family? I love the idea of these Scavenger Hunt Cards, especially to play with kids. They can be used in the house or outdoors and have 3 levels of difficulty so people of all ages can enjoy them.

      59. ✔︎ Make a travel music playlist on Spotify

      Remember all those exotic songs you heard on your travels? From the bus blaring 80’s disco music in Mexico to an Indian family joining in on singing the latest pop song with me on a beach in Goa. Music plays a special part in my travels and I want to remember them all!

      Check out my Travel Playlist on Spotify.

      60. ✔︎ Research the ultimate staycation to learn more about your town/city

      I planned an amazing staycation in Bondi staying in the character-filled Hotel Ravesis, eating good food and bumming in the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world all day. My kind of holiday!

      61.✔︎ Meticulously plan your next overseas vacation

      I was almost about to get a flight to Vanuatu before Rona hit. I had so much of this off-grid adventure planned out. Oh well! I’ll have to plan another dream vacation for my best bucket list item.

      62.✔︎ Start saving for when we can travel again

      I’m always saving for travel! It’s my main priority. I am a master at finding creative ways to save money. If you want to learn some of my, and other travel bloggers’ tips, for saving for travel – read this post.

      63.✔︎ Make a list of all the things you want to do as soon as they open up again

      Okay, I totally dig this scratch-off 100 Things To Do After Quarantine Bucket List Poster. So we could just do all the things on this list, or be boring and create our own!


      64. ✔︎ Read in a hammock outdoors

      Reading in a hammock in a stand outside was one of my favorite past-times last year while I was healing from a fractured wrist. It is so relaxing and if you have space, I HIGHLY recommend you grab one for yourself over summer.

      65. ✔︎ Do a long walk around your suburbs and discover new parks or scenery

      This is such a great activity for these weird times. I walked all over my suburb (Glebe in Sydney and discovered a scenic route to my besties house a few suburbs over! Such an upgrade to walking along the ugly main road.)

      66.✔︎ Go on a bicycle ride somewhere new

      I’ve been meaning to take a ride on a bike track around the Sydney Harbour in Leichhardt. Bliss.

      67. ✘ Swim under a waterfall

      Tick off #77 at the same time!

      68.✔︎ Visit a UNESCO world heritage site nearby

      I’ve already ticked off the Sydney Opera House, Cockatoo Island in Sydney, and The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, but I’m yet to do the old convict sites walk (The Old Great North Road), Hyde Park Barracks Museum, and the Old Government House in Parramatta. I definitely prefer the convict hike!

      69. ✘ Visit a National Park close by

      With so many National Parks to choose from, I haven’t made a decision yet. But the convict hike from #68 above is in Dharug National Park, which I have not been to yet!

      70. ✔︎ Explore a Botanical Garden

      I took some pretty Autumn photos in Centennial Park in Sydney. Enjoy!

      71. ✔︎ Have a picnic in a park

      With the number of picnics I’m always intending to take, I think it’s about time I bought myself one of these cool AF picnic backpacks.

      It’s got to be the best bucket list ideas for couples on this list!

      72. ✘ Fly a kite

      I haven’t flown a kite since childhood. How about you? We have some great places to fly kites around my area so I’ve stuck this on my list. Now to get me a giant octopus kite!

      73. ✔︎ Watch the sunset from a nice viewpoint

      Every day on my walk around Phyrmont I see the sunset over the harbour and remember how amazing Sydney is 🙂

      74. ✘ Do a local hike

      I hope to get more than one major hike completed in 2021. But I definitely want to do the Old Great North Road so I can tick off #68 at the same time.

      75.✔︎ Take a road trip

      When it’s safe to properly venture out again, a road trip is the ultimate way to travel during these times. You’ll get to see places closer to home and if sh*t hits the fan again you can easily get back home.

      This year I’d love to take a road trip around Queensland or Tasmania!

      76. ✘ Go camping and sleep under the stars

      Even if it’s only in your backyard! This is always one of my favorite things to do in the summer.

      77. ✔︎ Go wild swimming

      Wild swimming refers to swimming in natural pools, lakes, oceans, etc.

      A few weekends ago Jodie and I tracked down two gorgeous little swimming holes at the base of the Blue Mountains, complete with EEL! Check out my Instagram Stories to have a peek.

      78.✔︎ Spot native wildlife

      Try to take a photo too so you can cross off #89! Pics or it didn’t happen!

      I REALLY want to see a platypus in the wild as I have never seen one in the wild before (they are notoriously shy).

      79. ✔︎ Do a mid-week adventure

      Mid-week is nice and quiet, especially now there are no tourists. The best time to do an adventure and tick off a new year bucket list tally IMO.

      I went to gorgeous Coogee Beach for a sunset swim and I can definitely recommend a mid-week adventure!

      80. ✘ Make a Covid time capsule and bury it in your back yard

      You’re probably thinking right now that no one would want to remember horrible 2020, but why not immortalize some parts of your life to be dug up 100 years from now?

      Be sure to include a note as well as some newspaper clippings in your waterproof time capsule so that whoever finds it learns some seriously interesting things!

      81. ✘ Find a geo-cache

      Geocaching is like participating in the world’s largest treasure hunt! By using an app to search for hidden caches, the game gives you an opportunity to get out and about exercising and discovering places you never knew existed right in your own neighborhood. If you are looking for things to try for the first time involving the outdoors, I cannot recommend geocaching enough!

      There are a few different phone apps you can use but the one I like best is the original geocaching app.

      82. ✘ Rent a kayak or boat on a scenic waterway

      I tried to rent a boat in Avalon (where Home and Away is filmed) for my birthday last year. But the weather was so bad the boat hire place canceled. So round 2 has been added to this list for this year. 🛶

      83. ✔︎ Go snorkeling

      I went to gorgeous Little Bay in Sydney this year in Jan, as well as some ad-hoc snorkelling at Coogee Beach where I saw some unexpectedly huge fish!

      I love to snorkel so much that I wrote a huge comparison post on the best snorkeling gear if you are thinking of getting your own.

      84. ✔︎ Do a coastal walk

      The coastal walks around Sydney are glorious so I have many to choose from. In January 2021, I did the Queenscliff Headland to Freshwater Beach and even discovered a dugout cave through the headland rocks.

      I saved the video on my Instagram Stories if you wanted to check it out!

      85. ✔︎ Visit a new beach

      If you’re sick of all my beach items on my one-year bucket list, just remember they can be the beach of a lake or other body of water if you aren’t near the coast.

      For my 2021 Bucket List, I visited Freshwater Beach in Sydney and the water was crystal-clear (lol) and the waves were PERFECT for bodysurfing. It’s perhaps my new favourite beach!

      86. ✘ Clean up rubbish from a beach or park

      I tend to do this when I’m angry or stressed as a form of meditation. I highly recommend it.

      87. ✘ Stay in a treehouse

      I love the look of this magical Treehouse in Jervis Bay. Let’s see if I can get to the spectacular Jervis Bay to stay in it!

      88. ✔︎ Stay in a tiny house

      I really struggled to find the perfect Tiny House near Sydney. If you are headed south to the beautiful south coast, I highly recommend this Tiny House set up in Berry. If you are headed north of Sydney, this Tiny House in the Hunter Valley wineries is super cute, or I also like The Saddle Camp Tiny House in Braidwood.

      89. ✔︎ Photograph an animal

      My budgie has had me coming at him from all angles. He’s so cute!

      90. ✔︎ Try a new sport or activity

      I joined a community sports team and have played Ultimate Frisbee and Kickball. Both of those I’ve never tried and I loved Kickball. Such fun!

      91. ✘ Do outdoor yoga

      If you also want to get into more outdoor yoga, I have the perfect post for you! My best travel yoga mats article compares foldable, lightweight yoga mats perfect for lugging to the park!

      92.✔︎ Discover a new town or suburb nearby

      Drop a pin on a map and just go! Make sure you walk around and explore it properly. This is the perfect idea for things to do when you’re bored to get you active and outdoors.

      93. ✘ Visit a weird or unusual tourist attraction

      On this blog, we are totally into weird or unique locations, activities, and accommodations. I am also super into dark tourism but we won’t go too far into that here. After looking more into it, I realized there are loads of weird tourist sites around Sydney that I haven’t been to yet. I especially love the idea of flying the drone over the SS Ayrfield (if I’m allowed) from Shipwreck Lookout in Homebush Bay.

      94.✔︎ Complete a marathon or outdoor challenge

      A marathon might be pushing it but I’d consider an obstacle course like Tough Mudder. Does joining an Urban Rec team count? I’m saying it does 😉

      95. ✘ Do a scenic train trip

      Does a train trip around Sydney count? 🤣

      96. ✘ Feed some ducks at a local pond

      Easy! These simple new things to try make me as happy as a duck in a pond. 🦆 🏖

      97. ✔︎ Go Dog Perving™ at a local park

      This is what my partner and I keep finding ourselves doing every morning walk around the harbor. So we’ve copyrighted the name already – ha ha. I’m sure we’re totally creeping out the dog owners!

      98.✔︎ Get Vaccinated

      I changed this one because there was no way I was going to be able to go sledding where I am! I did my bit and got vaxxed though! Yay, science!

      99.✔︎ Visit a farmer’s market

      With a mask on of course. Looking forward to some fresh organic produce!

      100. ✔︎ Dance in public

      Even if it’s just on your walk or run. It’ll make you feel good, I promise! 💃

      Play along with me by following my Castaway with Crystal Instagram account and using the hashtag #100things2021!


      I hope that my list of 100 things to do in the new year will give you inspiration for your own list and that you are able to stick to it and have the most event-filled 2021 ever!

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      What are some unique things I can do with friends this year?

      There are many exciting new things to try with friends this year! You can try things like geocaching, taking a road trip with friends, going camping, or even just going for a picnic with them in the park. If you are more adventurous (and physically fit), why not challenge your friends to complete a marathon together? Training for it together would be precious bonding moments!

      What are some summer bucket list 2021 ideas?

      With its beautiful weather, summer is the perfect time to enjoy some new outdoor activities. Here are some things to do in summer 2021: go make a bonfire on the beach, try a new watersport, go stargazing, sleep outdoors for a night, relax in an outdoor hammock, or go skinny dipping!

      What are some new things I can try now (today)?

      Many of the items on my bucket list checklist can be done, if not, started today. Here are some fun things to try today: cook something new, go for a jog, surprise video call one of your friends, or start journaling! The possibility is endless, don’t be afraid to try something new this year!

      What are some new things to do indoors?

      If you are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things. Here is a list of things to new things to try indoors: try yoga, start reading a new book, bake something new, clean your house, reconnect with old friends, or learn a new language! Don’t let the feeling that you are stuck indoors deter you from trying something new this year!

      What are some new activities to try in winter 2021?

      Most people dread the winter and end up being extremely unproductive during that time. However, there are many activities that are only available in the winter. Here are some new activities to try in winter 2021 (if you haven’t done them before): go to a snowball fight, make a snowman, go skiing or snowboarding, make some mulled wine, make a gingerbread house, or finish a puzzle!

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      This post on ‘100 Things to Do Next Year’ is ticked off throughout the year and then updated on December 31st for the coming new year.

      What items are you excited about adding to your unique bucket list ideas for 2021? Tell me in the comments below!

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