100 Things To Do in 2024: Yearly Bucket List Game

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      This 2024 bucket list is updated at the end of December for the coming new year. Our annual list of 100 things to do this year includes many activities you can do at home, as well as encouraging you to get outside.

      Download and print our free checklist booklet and complete your yearly bucket list items with us!


      Have you ever stopped and written down a list of things to do in a year that will propel you in a positive direction?

      Have you ever written down yearly bucket list ideas of activities that you know you LOVE doing, but never get the time to do anymore?

      Do you need ideas for cool things to try in 2024 to make your life more fulfilling? Wondering what are the best things to do this year?

      Are you trying to find cool things to do before 2024 ends, or simply want ideas for 100 new things to try in general?

      Then read on! Because this is the ultimate, achievable bucket list lineup on the internet that will surely help you figure out what to do in 2024!

      The Premise of “100 Things to Do This Year”

      Each new year, we like to build up excitement and motivation for the coming year. This is an activity I often do with friends, where together we write down a 2024 bucket list of achievable things, including travel, mindfulness, outdoors and indoors, and new things to do in the coming year.

      It can include bucket list things you’ve already done in the past or new things you haven’t tried yet and have been meaning to do. It can also include things you’ve done before and want to do again, like going camping or volunteering, even to continue learning a foreign language.

      The idea of this 100 things bucket list game is to find new activities to try that you wouldn’t usually do, and it helps push you to actually do them.

      This is Not Your Normal Bucket List

      To be clear, this is not a “100 things to do before you die” or ‘100 things to do in life” bucket list.

      Instead, it is a list of fun things to do in 2024 ONLY.

      Reasons why you should make the resolution to do 100 things this year:

      🤩 You will be encouraged to have new experiences
      🤩 We will help you come up with ideas of things you can do close to home
      🤩 When researching to complete your list, you will learn new things about the area you live or wish to travel to
      🤩 It will help you with goal setting and deciding on things to accomplish in 2024

      Make 2024 your year of crossing off cool bucket list ideas, gratitude, and pushing yourself to get more out of life. Let’s get going with this list of things to accomplish in a year before we run out of time!


      Need some inspiration?

      This cool 100 fun things to do bucket list poster lets you scratch off items to reveal them once completed! A high-quality poster that comes in a sleek gift box.


      Rules of the Game: ‘100 Things to Do’ List

      For anyone playing at home, here are the rules to the game of ‘100 things to make and do in 2024’:

      1. Print out the free 2024 bucket list (read the instructions to print below). Fold it in the middle and staple the pages together to make a booklet.

      If you can’t print off the New Year to-do list, simply write the numbers 1 to 100 on a piece of blank paper. Or use the notes app on your phone.

      2. If using my printout, use a pencil to fill in what you aim to do for each bucket list item. We suggest a pencil because what you want to do, and what you actually achieve may change.

      3. Ensure your list is doable, clear, and concise. Split large goals up into smaller achievable goals over a series of points if needed.

      Keep in mind that this is a list of 100 new things to do in only 365 days, meaning you’ll be doing one item every 3.6 days. Don’t make your list unachievable, keep it simple!

      4. Start 2024 with a fun and achievable list of 100 goals to accomplish this year and get excited for the year ahead!

      5. Throughout the year, tick the box and write in pen what you achieved in the booklet after that item has been completed. Fill in all 100 bucket list items.

      6. Remember; pics or it didn’t happen! Follow @castawaywithcrystal on Instagram and tag me whenever you post any of your 2024 100 things. You might even get featured in my Stories!

      Download and Print Our Free Bucket List Checklist

      This year, we have created a fun fillable booklet (no email needed) with 100 ideas of fun things to do before 2024 ends, perfect for you to print off and fill in with your activities of your own.

      Scroll through this ideas pin for detailed instructions on how to print our sample bucket list of what to do next year:

      How to Print the Free Bucket List Checklist

      This is a double-sided A4-sized document meant to be folded in the middle to create an A5 booklet.

      Each printer is different. If your printer doesn’t do automatic double-sided printing then follow the steps below:

      1. Print Page 1 of the 100-Things-To-Do-This-Year document. Take note of which way the text faced as it came out of the printer. Remove any other paper from the feeder tray of the printer.

      2. Flip the printed document. Ensure the text is lining up to the original way it came out of the printer. Print Page 2.

      3. Take a new blank piece of paper and repeat steps 1 & 2 with Pages 3 & 4 respectively.

      4. Line the two A4 Pages up and fold them down the middle.

      5. Check the page numbers are in order from 1 to 8 (found in the top right corner) and then staple them all together.

      Alright, now let’s get into the actual list!

      The Best List of 100 Things to Achieve in 2024

      If you are struggling to come up with 100 things to do in a year, I have made this list more accessible than ever before!

      This new and improved yearly things-to-do checklist will not change each year. Instead, fill in the blanks for each item with ideas on what to do this year that suits you.

      In this 2024 checklist bucket list you will find

      🤩 A list of new things to try in life
      🤩 A list of outdoor activities to try
      🤩 A travel things-to-do list
      🤩 A list of ways to try to spoil yourself
      🤩 Lists of things to do with food and drink
      🤩 Mindful things to try in the new year
      🤩 Creative and fun things to do list
      🤩 A list of stuff to do when stuck indoors

      Check out my “100 cool things to do in 2024 bucket list”. Ideas for everybody! 


      Here are 20 new things to try for the first time in 2024. Use this list to help you come up with ideas for new things to try in the new year.

      1. Change your look 

      Nothing like a big change to boost your mood! Why not get a new haircut or color to change up your look? Cut some bangs, put in some highlights, or fudge in a bright color.

      Or change your look by buying a new outfit or style of clothes that you wouldn’t usually wear.

      2. Go to a new restaurant

      Don’t keep going to the same restaurant you always go to (we know it’s because it’s good, but there’s more to life, you know?).

      Search out new restaurants to try on Klook, Google Maps, or follow tourism and destination agencies on Instagram! 

      3. Try a new food 

      The easiest way to try new food is by picking something on the menu when eating out that you’ve never tried before. We suggest picking a dish using ingredients you haven’t heard of before from the menu at a restaurant with international cuisine.

      Think kombu dashi in Japanese food, miang kham (betel leaf wraps) in Thai food, and panuchos, chapulines, or sopes in Mexican food. There are so many flavors in the world that you haven’t tried, this is the year to try them!

      If you’re lucky enough to go traveling this year, be sure to get out of your comfort zone and find new and interesting things to try!

      4. Try a new drink 

      Try a new item from the extensive Starbucks menu, seek out a cocktail bar and pick new stuff to try at random, or go on a winery tour and try new drinks all day long!

      There are hundreds of different drinks from around the world you probably haven’t tried like micheladas, pulque, or horchata from Mexico, matcha or amazake from Japan, or chicha from Peru. 

      5. Try cooking a new dish 

      Expand your cooking repertoire this year by picking out something you’ve never tried cooking before. Crack open a new recipe book, search online, or get that secret recipe from a loved one. 

      You could try cooking something plant-based (we adore this cookbook from BOSH), an international dish you’ve never tried, bake something new or finally get around to cooking that drool-worthy dish you found on Pinterest.

      6. Come up with a new cocktail or fun drink

      There’s nothing more fun than making DIY cocktails (also, how cute is this cocktail-making kit?!?!) using the flavors of the month or whatever cool new things you can find in the supermarkets.

      If alcohol isn’t your thing, try putting together a fun smoothie using some interesting ingredients you find at the supermarket. Try an Asian or international supermarket and look for the weirdest ingredients you can find!

      One of my favorite things to do every year is to come up with a new cocktail. In the past I have made espresso martinis using Vodka and Licor 43, fruity champagne cocktails using frozen berries and elderflower syrup, sweet lychee martinis using canned lychees, and a personal favorite of mine is making micheladas at home using soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and whatever hot sauce I have lying around… Yum! 

      7. Try out a new hobby 

      Expand your knowledge and give a new hobby a go in 2024. This could be urban gardening, sewing, brewing craft beer, or something unique you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to doing. Head over to the crafts & hobbies section on Amazon for really cool hobby ideas. 

      Over the past year, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with these miniature DIY dollhouses and working wooden models. I also love the idea of these DIY Book Nook 3D Puzzles.

      8. Try a new sport 

      Push yourself out of your comfort zone by trying a new sport in 2024. You could try volleyball, rollerblading, swimming at your local sea baths, rowing, tennis, boxing, gymnastics, sailing, or even ultimate frisbee! One great way to meet people and get active is by signing up for a local community sports team.

      If you have an Urban Rec or community sport similar near you, you can even join teams that do a different sport each week! 

      9. Try a new activity 

      “Activity” in this sense could be a sport, something crafty, playing cards, geocaching, making a card stack, yoga, slacklining, learning magic tricks, hooping, or learning a new style of dance.

      Whatever your interests are, 2024 is the year to give a new activity a red-hot go!

      10. Complete a challenge

      Improve your skills, life, health, or savings by completing a challenge. Challenges you could complete are a 30-day photo challenge, healthy eating challenges, a marathon, fasting, 1 Second Every Day (a picture game where you capture things to do every day for a year), Movember, participating in the World’s Greatest Shave, 40-Hour Famine, Dry July, or even just complete everything on this list of 100 things to accomplish this year!

      Another idea is to create a money-saving challenge for yourself like the 52-week savings challenge or use this Savings Challenge book on Amazon to come up with cool ideas!

      Or, have you heard about these scratch-off adventure journals from The Adventure Challenge? You don’t know what your adventure will be until you scratch it off. Then you have space to write notes and stick a photo of you completing the experience in the book.

      11. Listen to a new genre of music 

      Broaden your taste in music and try listening to new genres of music. Some examples you could try are ska, affirmation music, trip-hop, J-pop, world music, or glitch-pop.

      Spotify makes it really easy to seek out music based on their genre, give it a go!

      12. Read a new book 

      In 2024, make sure you read a book. Preferably one you’ve never read before.

      If you have none in mind, try popping over to Amazon Bestsellers and see what tickles your fancy.

      It can be a graphic novel, a travel book, a biography, or a self-help or education.

      Can’t afford to buy a new book? Borrow from your local library or seek out a street library to do a book swap.

      13. Do a tour you’ve never done before

      This is an easy one to tick off if you’ll be traveling this year… but what if you’re not!? Well, no matter how long you’ve lived in your current town, you can always learn something new about it. It could be on a graffiti art tour, a brewery tour, a free guided walking tour, or an audio tour of the red light district.

      If you’re strapped for ideas, pop on over to Viator, Get Your Guide, Guruwalk, or Klook, and type in your location/destination. 

      I used to hate doing tours when traveling. But since I’ve been a tour guide for wine tasting in the Hunter Valley, I’ve developed a real appreciation for the relationships tour companies have with the places they visit.

      The feedback I get most often is that taking a tour really can mean the difference between an average experience and something that feels really special.

      14. Visit a new tourist attraction 

      This year is all about staycations, so we want to encourage you to visit a new tourist attraction in your city that you’ve never been to before.

      Think outside the box with dark tourism sites like abandoned and haunted buildings, or cool cemeteries. Or just weird or strange tourist attractions like a quirky science museums, or suburbs that are known for their unique subcultures (like the gay & LGBTI areas or the artistic creative class district, hipster areas, Koreatown, Chinatown, and Little Italy, to name a few).

      15. Visit a new park 

      There’s nothing better than finding hidden local gardens and parks. Push yourself to go out and find new ones by looking for the green on Google Maps and then zooming in or looking at it via street view.

      You could also discover new parks and points of interest on a free walking tour using Guruwalk

      16. Take a different route 

      At least once in 2024, we implore you to take a different route. This could be to a place you frequently go, like work, taking the scenic route on a road trip, or even just walking the long way home.

      You could also try a different mode of transport like riding your bike, walking, taking a train, or taking an Uber. Or unusual ways to see or get around a destination, like a bike tour, a steam train, tuk-tuk, monorail, or canal taxi.

      17. Visit a new suburb 

      This one can be in your own town or city if you aren’t able to travel this year. Make sure it’s a suburb you’ve never been to or somewhere you haven’t explored very much.

      Drop a pin on a map and just go! Make sure you walk around and explore it properly. This is the perfect idea for things to do when you’re bored to get you active and outdoors.

      18. Visit a new town/city

      So what if you aren’t traveling far this year? Instead of moping around the house, why not hop in the car (or bus, or train) and visit a new town or city nearby?

      You could double this item up with your road trip item (#46) and make a day or two out of it. Staying relatively local means you won’t need to plan too far in advance, and if sh*t hits the fan again you can easily get back home.

      19. Visit a new country 

      I know, I know. The ‘rona may not allow us to visit a new country this year. But it’s still important to work towards our big goals, even if you need to postpone them. If a new country isn’t possible in 2024, just visit a new area or town nearby.

      20. Learn some words in a different language 

      It’s proven that understanding different languages boosts brainpower. What better way to start learning another language than to start with the language of the next country you are going to visit!?

      Get started on this item by using Duolingo. Duolingo is easily one of the best apps to help you start learning a language. It’s also proven to help you retain the language.

      Instructions: Pencil in the number of words and language you want to learn into the “20 new things to try” section of your printed booklet. It’s up to you how many words you want to try to learn this year, just remember to tick it off once completed!


      Need ideas on different things to try and fun things to experience outdoors? We’re all pretty sick of being inside so let’s add as many new things to explore outside as we can fit on our list!

      21. Go on a walk 

      This will be an easy item to cross off your bucket list for the year 2024. Try to make your walk last an hour or more if you can (so long as you’re mobile enough).

      Fingers crossed you can travel and do many walks while you explore your destination. But if not, you could do a free walking tour near your current location, or look for the thin lines on Google Maps to discover walks near you!

      22. Go on a hike 

      This item on the list will require a little more planning than the walk (#21). But all you’ll really need are some decent walking shoes with good grip, a water bottle, some snacks, and a backpack. Check out my post on hiking items for ideas on other cool things you might need trekking!

      23. Go riding 

      Ways you can tick this item off is by riding a bike, a motorcycle, a unicycle (lol), a segway, a tuk-tuk or rickshaw, or going horseback riding! Ride on a surfboard, wakeboard, snowboard, or skimboard. Get creative and do a bike or segway tour at one of your destinations this year.

      24. Go skating 

      Think ice skating, rollerblading, riding on a scooter, roller skating, skateboarding, ice hockey, or just wear some shoes without grip onto black ice, lol! You can also include skiing in this activity to broaden your horizons. 

      25. Go snorkeling or scuba diving

      One item on your next year’s bucket list should most definitely include snorkeling or scuba diving. This is an all-time favorite activity at Castaway with Crystal.

      You don’t need to travel to a beach to achieve this activity, so long as you have a snorkel mask (or even some swimming goggles). Simply put them on and “ta-da,” you can now see underwater at the lake, swimming pool, river, cenote, pond, or wherever you swim next. 

      If you’re due for a new snorkel set, we have a full guide on how to choose a snorkel mask, snorkel fins, or a whole snorkel set on this blog.

      Alternatively, rent a set at your next travel destination… but don’t expect them to be comfortable! Haha.

      26. Go on a boat

      By boat, we mean kayak, paddleboard, paddleboat, dinghy, rowboat, pontoon boat, catamaran, ship, jet ski, wakeboard, sailboat, houseboat, cruise, ferry, speedboat, banana boat, or just paddle around in any old floatation device in the pool. Hire a canal/river/harbor taxi, or do a whale or dolphin-watching tour.

      However, you decide to tick this one off, make sure you listen to the “I’m on a boat” song while you do it!

      27. Go wild swimming 

      Wild swimming is swimming in any natural place where water gathers like the ocean, rivers, lakes, watering holes, under waterfalls, rockpools, and other natural pools, through water-filled caves, sink-holes (or Cenotes in Mexico!), streams, hot springs, beaches, bays, or gorges.

      Clothing is optional, though will likely be appreciated if other people are around.

      28. Spot a cool wild animal 

      The trick to this activity is to spot the cool animal in its natural habitat. This bucket list item is mostly left to chance unless you do a tour to spot a wild animal like what we have suggested below.

      Make sure you keep your eye out on the hike (#22), wild swim (#27), or the National Park (#38) activity you do, or anywhere out in the wild. 

      29. Go camping 

      In 2024, you should definitely go camping or glamping! It’s a great solitary activity that pushes you outside your comfort zone.

      If you don’t already own camping gear, you could simply sleep under the stars in your backyard (on a trampoline or blow-up mattress), or sleep in a hammock (we love these parachute silk hammocks on Amazon). 

      30. Have a picnic 

      This has got to be the best bucket list idea for couples on this list! Pack up some delicious foods in a picnic backpack (so cool!) and take it somewhere pretty. It’s as easy as that!

      You don’t need any fancy picnic gear, though that certainly helps. You can even double this new years bucket list item up with your Botanic Garden visit (#37) for a double whammy.


      31. Watch the sunrise

      There’s nothing like starting your day with a glorious sunrise. You can easily tick off this item when you go camping (#29) or mix it with a hike (#22) or walk (#21).

      32. Watch the sunset

      There are 365 sunsets a year, don’t miss so many of them! Try to be outside for as many sunsets as you can squeeze in this year. Couple your sunset with a cocktail on a rooftop (#67 & #68) for extra special vibes. 

      33. Workout outdoors 

      Go for a run, or a brisk walk, swim some laps, join a boot camp, use the outdoor gym at your local park, or do outdoor yoga!

      If you’re like me and want to get into more outdoor yoga, I have the perfect post for you! My best travel yoga mats article compares foldable, lightweight yoga mats perfect for lugging to the park!

      34. Play a team game 

      This activity can be coupled with “try a new sport” (#8) or “play a board game” (#96).

      Some great ideas include: stuck in the mud, red light, green light (hello Squid Game), hide and seek, volleyball on the beach, soccer in the park, dodgeball, cricket, the list is endless really. The only main rule is that you have fun!


      Life is about experiences, not things! Here are 23 travel things to experience for your one-year bucket list.

      35. Save money for travel

      We know you may not be able to travel much this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something to look forward to!

      Read my post on 25 ways to save for travel and come up with a travel savings plan that suits you. Start saving today so you’ll be able to hit the ground running when we’re finally able to travel freely again.

      36. Buy a new travel item

      This is a travel blog, so we are going to tell you to travel. And to travel well, you’ll need travel things.

      Read our huge packing list for ideas on travel essentials, or this guide on unique travel gifts, and purchase a gift for the most important person in your life – YOU!

      I love the idea of these collapsible water bottles. It’s useful for so many different lock-down activities. I’ll probably grab this foldable water bottle from Amazon for myself.

      37. Visit a Botanical Garden

      There are botanical gardens everywhere around the world and I’ve never met one I didn’t like! They are usually free to get into making this a cheap thing to do this year.

      In 2024, visit a botanical garden somewhere to appreciate the beauty of nature, get outdoors, and spot some cool plants and animals (#28). 

      38. Visit a National Park

      Much like botanical gardens, national and state parks are a treasure and a fantastic way to get out of the house. Though they do sometimes cost money to enter.

      Find a national park this year that tickles your fancy and spend the day exploring it as much as you can!

      39. Visit a forest

      This can be a rainforest, woodland, or bush. Anywhere where lots of trees congregate, really. Head to a valley, a mountain, or the tropics and explore a forest on foot. Do a hike (#22) and try to spot a wild animal (#28) while you’re there!

      40. Visit a waterway

      You could visit a wetland, marsh, harbor, ocean, river, lake, watering hole, waterfall, rockpool, stream, hot springs, beaches, bays, or gorges to tick this item off your list.

      Make a day of it and bring a picnic (#30) or go wild swimming (#27) too!

      41. Explore an island

      There’s definitely something about a piece of land surrounded by water that makes you feel secluded, castaway, and wry. Hehe. Track down an island either nearby, or at your next destination, and resolve to visit.

      It could be an island in the middle of a river or lake, off the coast, a tidal island, a man-made island, an island made into a jail, or even a castle surrounded by a moat!

      We LOVE islands at Castaway with Crystal (hence the name) and we try to visit islands as often as we can. Be sure to visit an island for your 2024 bucket list, you’ll be so glad you did!


      42. Visit a UNESCO world heritage site

      UNESCO states: “World Heritage is the designation for places on Earth that are of outstanding universal value to humanity and as such, have been inscribed on the World Heritage List to be protected for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.”

      There are 1007 natural and cultural places inscribed on the World Heritage List to date, so surely you can find one near you!

      43. Visit a natural attraction

      Law Insider states that a natural attraction is a “natural or naturalized place of scenic or natural importance as designated by the State or the county or municipality in which it is located. Natural attractions are facilities including, but not limited to, caves, hunting areas, fishing areas, wildlife management areas, bird watching areas, riding trails, and hiking trails.”

      Look up the 7 natural wonders of the world to see if there’s one near you. Think of The Great Barrier Reef, Aurora Borealis, The Grand Canyon, or Mount Everest.

      Otherwise, search tour websites like Get Your Guide and Viator to get ideas, or simply open up Google maps and have a look for big green patches.

      44. Visit a museum

      We love weird or shocking museums especially, like the gross medical specimens at Vrolik in Amsterdam, the Old Toy Museum in Mexico City, and the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. 

      Search on Klook for an interesting museum near you!


      45. Visit an unusual tourist site 

      In 2024, we challenge you to visit a weird or unusual tourist attraction. This includes quirky festivals or celebrations (like the Day of the Dead in Mexico), themed or unusual restaurants or bars, dark tourism sites, weird attractions or museums, abandoned or haunted buildings, unique cemeteries, or historic buildings.

      On this blog, we are totally into weird or unique locations, activities, and accommodations. So, search this website for ideas, or take a look around Atlas Obscura for weird tourist attractions near you!

      46. Go on a road trip 

      Pack a few necessities, bring a map, and set out on an adventure. Explore and investigate different places along the way. That’s the best way to do a road trip!

      You don’t need to go far to complete a road trip, heading to a new destination nearby (#16) and camping (#29) will tick this item off your activities to-do list too!

      47. Stay in an expensive hotel 

      If you’re in a position to spoil yourself in this way, then totally do it! And make sure you tick off the get room service item (#57) too!

      If you aren’t able to, just research some of your favorite hotels and start saving up for your dream trip. 


      48. Stay in unique accommodation

      Think of a tiny house, a cabin in the woods, a glamping yurt, a bubble tent, boutique or industrial-style hotels, a houseboat, or a bungalow over the water.

      Look for unique accommodation options on Booking by searching your next destination, entering some dates, and then filtering by property type, review scores, and facilities. 

      I’m dreaming of this Tiny House set up in Berry, this Tiny House in the Hunter Valley wineries is super cute, and I also like The Saddle Camp Tiny House in Braidwood. Can you tell I’m in love with tiny houses?!

      49. Stay in accommodation with a view

      This item originally said to stay in a treehouse hotel because I am #obsessed! But that may not be achievable for everybody so I changed it to a hotel with a view

      The view can be of anything you’re interested in, even the beautiful gardens of the hotel. We definitely prefer rainforest, ocean, or lake views, though!


      50. Catch a bus

      Maybe you already catch a bus to work every day, or maybe you haven’t been on one in a long time. Either way, it’s a fantastic form of transport and one to add to your 365-day bucket list for next year.

      We highly recommend overnight buses in Turkey or Vietnam, if you’re headed that way this year. 

      51. Catch a train

      In 2024, catch a train or the light rail/tram. Want to make it a bit different? Seek out a steam train, toy train, monorail, bullet train, old school tram, bamboo train, or a horse-drawn train.

      52. Catch a ferry

      A ferry can include a water taxi, barge, cruise, pontoon, car ferry, cable ferry, or container ship. Just make sure you’re getting from A to B over the water!

      53. Catch a flight

      Whatever you do, just don’t catch feelings! Just kidding. We realize this may not be achievable for everyone this year, but we can dream, right?

      If you can’t tick this one-off, just double up on any other form of transport because you still traveled, right? 

      54. Go to a local market

      Think art markets, ethnic markets, farmers/produce markets, or seek out any market inside a Chinatown, Koreatown, or Little India!

      55. See a live event 

      Live events include any type of festival, the theatre, live music, comedy shows, and even watching street performers. Anyone who works in live events has had an extremely tough couple of years, so please show support by paying money to see or hear them!

      56. Do a mid-week adventure

      Mid-week is nice and quiet, especially now there are no tourists. Mid-week is the best time to do an adventure and tick off a new year bucket list tally in my opinion.


      The last few years have been a hard time for most of us. One of the best things to do in 2024 is to thank yourself for getting through the past year. Here are some ideas for new things to try this year to spoil yourself in the new year.

      57. Get room service

      Hopefully, you’ll stay in a hotel this year, but if you don’t, we will allow breakfast in bed to tick off this 2024 to-do list item. 


      58. Relax in a bath 

      By bath, we mean bathtub, hot spring, onsen, hot tub, spa bath, anything heated and relaxing to make your muscles melt.

      Preferably a spa bath in a fancy hotel (#47) but any bath will do, so long as you fill with bath salts and/or flower petals and spoil yourself silly.

      59. Relax by a pool 

      Wait for a sunny day, find a pool, grab a floatation device and start to unwind… This could be at your hotel (#47), a natural pool in the wilderness (#27), at your friends’ or relatives’ house, or if you’re lucky enough to own one – your own. 

      60. Go on a date 

      This isn’t only a couple’s bucket list item! Go on a date solo or with someone, anyone special this year. Take self-love more literally and show yourself how much you care by taking yourself out on a date. 

      61. Have a sleep in

      Go on, you deserve a sleep-in! Don’t make it a habit, but definitely do it at least once in 2024.

      62. Get a massage

      This is your reminder to go and get a massage. You work hard, it’s been a hard few years, so the least you can do is relax with a massage.

      Combine it with a spa bath (#58) and spoil yourself silly with a spa day. Good bucket list ideas are meant to make you feel great too!

      63. Buy yourself something you want 

      This item is strictly something you want, not need. It’s too easy to get caught up in budgeting and necessities. But at least once this year, spoil yourself and spend your hard-earned cash on something you want.


      Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, these food and drink bucket list activity ideas will be sure to give you some ideas of new things to try in 2024.

      64. Visit an unusual bar 

      We’re talking themed bars, a speakeasy (a hidden bar that sometimes needs a password to enter), an arcade bar, a craft brewery and bar, bar trivia, a live music bar, or a minigolf bar. Get off the beaten path and try to find a unique bar near you!

      65. Eat street food 

      Most urban towns or cities will have some form of street food for you to dine on, especially at sporting events, markets, or carnivals!

      Keep the feeling of travel alive by munching on some good food from a truck or shop window while standing on the street. My favorite way to eat!

      If you can’t travel this year, try to find a place in your current location and give them a socially-distanced visit.

      66. Eat at a unique restaurant 

      Think Michelin-starred, themed, or cabaret restaurants, fusion cuisine, watermelon cake at a bakery, or just something really different on the menu. This year go to a unique restaurant and be sure to take lots of pics of your food!


      67. Have drinks on a rooftop 

      Nothing says holiday more than a rooftop drink. Be it in your hotel, hostel, or at a rooftop bar or restaurant.

      Try to time this activity with a sunset cocktail (#68) for double the goodness.

      68. Have a sunset cocktail

      There’s nothing better than relaxing on a rooftop bar (#67), sipping on your flamboyant cocktail (or mocktail if you prefer), and watching the sun slowly dip projecting colors across the sky.

      Alternatively, make up a cocktail recipe (#6) and watch the sunset from your backyard or veranda. 

      69. Have brunch 

      Knock off wake up late (#61) then meet friends at a cute cafe for brunch on a lazy day off. It’s the perfect way to indulge and socialize, and it also supports your local small businesses. 

      70. Do a foodie tour 

      What food or drink are you most passionate about? Maybe you’re a wine connoisseur, love Mexican or Thai cuisine, get right into your craft beer, adore chocolates, or want to know how to make cocktails or vegan cheese…? This is one of our top new experiences to try in 2024.

      This year, do a tour or activity centered around food and drink, like a wine-tasting tour, a cooking class, a wine and paint art class, a craft brewery tour, or a haunted pub crawl.

      Use Get Your Guide, Klook, and Viator to come up with cool ideas!

      71. Have a tea party 

      This is an item on your yearly bucket list that you may not actually do very often! In 2024, have a tea party with cakes and/or pastries.

      This could be at a high tea with a view, tea with friends in your backyard (bring out the cute teacups), or just have coffee and cake at a cute café with friends!

      72. Host a dinner

      This item is always a crowd favorite. We suggest an entree, main, and dessert cooked from the safety of your home with some special people.

      Other dinner ideas include a themed or costumed dinner party, a BBQ in the backyard, a games night, or a potluck (potlucks are also great on picnics). Plus, add your cocktail invention (#6) to the menu to impress everyone present!


      When putting together your bucket list for the new year, be sure to add some mindfulness activities. Mindfulness is one of the best things to start doing in 2024 to create long-lasting happiness and internal peace.

      73. Write down things that you are grateful for

      Instructions: You get to choose the number of things to add to your new year bucket list, 2024. So long as it’s more than 0! Grab your journal, a notebook, or some scrap paper, and write down all the things you’re grateful for. This should be the first thing to do in 2024!

      Can’t think of anything? Write down body parts that get you through the days, things you like about yourself, your favorite foods, people special to you, anything! Then keep the list close and look at it whenever you feel down. 

      74. Write a list of achievements

      Instructions: First, write a list of things you’ve done, including everything you can think of that you achieved last year. If you played 100 Things to do in 2024 with us, then you’ll already have done this.

      Next, write a list of things to achieve this year. Once completed, pin both of them up where you’ll see them daily.

      This is a fantastic form of gratefulness and will also help keep you motivated to continue achieving your goals throughout the year.

      75. Meditate 

      Instructions: This is another item where you get to choose your own adventure. Just make sure you are challenging yourself. Add the minutes you aim to meditate for in pencil in your “things to do in 2024 bucket list” printed booklet and tick it off once done!

      If you’ve never meditated before, aim for 5 or 10 minutes using an app like Calm or Headspace. Youtube has guided meditations as well.

      76. Develop a good habit

      Out with the bad habits and in with the new! 2024 is the year you’ll develop a good habit! Some good habits you should start doing ASAP include: going to bed and waking up early, cleaning up after yourself straight away, drinking 7 cups of water a day, reading or meditating before bed (instead of scrolling your phone), reducing stress, cutting out alcohol, eating healthy, and exercising every day.

      Pick one or two of these and use the Lamare Habit Tracker to start making your good habits second nature!

      77. Give up a bad habit 

      Ideas of bad habits you should give up in 2024 are smoking, chewing fingernails, stress or binge eating, excessive drinking, watching too much TV, leaving things to the last minute, or focusing on the negatives.  

      78. Pick up rubbish/trash that isn’t yours

      Ever heard of “3 For The Sea”? How about this year you start doing “3 For the Earth” every time you leave your house? I tend to pick up rubbish when I’m angry or stressed as a form of meditation. I highly recommend it.

      79. Volunteer your time 

      Spread kindness and do some volunteer work in 2024. Volunteering simply means you do something for an organization without being paid. So pick your favorite area that needs help and sign up to volunteer!

      Top ideas for volunteering include planting trees for a Conservation Society, tutoring younger students, organizing rallies and protests for things you care about, walking dogs or napping with cats at the local shelter, helping blind people with the Be My Eyes App, giving blood, or writing letters to the elderly and/or hospitalized. 

      80. Give a thoughtful gift

      Show someone you care and that you are thinking of them by sending them a thoughtful gift.

      This could be a gift hamper, a postcard (#87), their favorite flowers, or something handmade. If they are a travel lover, we have a bunch of gift guides full of unique ideas for gifts you could buy for them. 

      81. Do a favor

      You could do a favor for a friend, relative, neighbor, or someone you don’t even know. Pet sit, babysit, or housesit, water their garden while they’re away, mow their lawn, bring them home-cooked food, pay for their groceries or drink at the pub, or give them your unused parking ticket.

      I’ve always loved the idea of creating a ripple of kindness, where you do something kind for a stranger, and they in turn “pay it forward” by doing something kind for someone else.

      82. Donate 

      Donate to a charity, a Gofundme, or give blood. Whether it’s donating clothes you no longer wear, blankets to the local dog shelter, money for cancer research, teaching asylum seekers English or sending a sack of carrots to donkeys in India.

      There are charities everywhere grateful for anything and everything. Even if it’s a $1 donation, it all helps.

      83. Reach out to someone

      Reach out to someone and ask how they are, give a stranger a heartfelt compliment, phone your elderly relatives, Zoom call with an overseas friend… There are loads of ways to connect and reconnect with people so make sure you add this to your list of good things to do today. 

      84. Partake in activism

      The only way you can change the world is by taking part in activism. There are so many things in 2024 we should care about, too.

      Tick off this thing to do in 2024 by attending a rally or gathering, signing a petition, advocating for legislation, protesting, creating a social media campaign, going vegan, raising money, or engaging in community service. Do something to feel like you are part of the change, instead of feeling helpless.


      Looking for creative fun things to try in the new year? Our list of crafty and cool things in 2024 to try will help you come up with awesome ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

      85. Make something crafty 

      Make a table, paint some plant pots, crochet, mosaic, bake, sew, scrapbook, do paper quilling or weaving, make a junk journal, your own greeting cards, or a dreamcatcher, macrame, paint rocks, or just give a piece of clothing a glow-up using fabric markers.

      This activity can be combined with your new hobby (#7) if you like!

      86. Create some art 

      One of the most fun things on our 2024 bucket list! Art you could create includes painting on canvas, painting by numbers, drawing, sketching, sculpting, rock painting, watercolors, making origami, or just coloring in a coloring book if you don’t feel very artistic.  

      87. Handwrite something

      Handwrite a letter or postcard to pretend you’re traveling old school (before we could instantly post pictures online) to tell someone about your travels or life. A lot of us feel disconnected when we can’t visit our family and friends. Why not pretend you’re happily traveling and send an old-school postcard home?

      I especially love these Enchanted Forest color-in postcards as it makes the postcard even more special and also tick off the bucket list activity to create some art (#86) at the same time!

      Alternatively, you could practice your calligraphy or cursive, handwrite your life story, or a poem, or start journaling. 

      88. Upskill 

      What skills do you need to improve on? Upskilling will have many benefits in your work or personal life. You should never stop learning! In 2024, do an online course in something you’re interested in, or advance a skill you already have.

      Some ideas for upskilling are, improving your technical computer knowledge by learning to code, doing a social media management course, doing a course on public speaking, investing money, photography, or video editing.

      You can pay for quality courses through Udemy, or do them for free on Youtube. Local community classes are also a great way to upskill and meet people too!

      89. Print and display your digital photos 

      It’s time to remind yourself of the amazing travels you’ve done! This year, we want you to print your holiday snaps from a past trip so you’ll be able to reminisce long into the future.

      Don’t have any travel snaps worthy of printing? Just use any digital photos you adore. Maybe of family, some cool pictures you took on your phone or even one from someone else that you just love.

      Ideas for displaying your pics can include printing and framing, creating a photobook, scrapbooking, making a photo album, printing them onto a canvas, pegging them onto wire or string with cute, tiny pegs, displaying them on a rotating postcard rack, or printing some onto poster paper then using these cool magnetic poster holders to display them.

      See if you can come up with a cool display idea of your own!


      Looking for something new to do when stuck indoors? Here are 11 rainy-day ideas to do from inside your home or undercover.

      90. Buy something new 

      In 2024, buy something new for your home that you need. Shop online if you can’t leave the house. In the section called ‘Buy Something You Want’ (#63), you weren’t allowed to buy something you needed. Well, now is the time!

      Maybe you’re overdue for some new gold silverware, a coffee table, and some plant pots? We love Amazon and supporting small businesses for this item!

      91. Fix or improve something old

      This is a great thing to do around the house to improve your living space. Who else has a never-ending to-do list of boring chores?

      Do some gardening, repair something that is broken (there’s got to be many things you’ve just learned to live with?), sew up a piece of clothing, buy these furniture repair kit markers to cover chips in the wood, or give a piece of clothing a glow-up (like shoes) with these fabric markers.

      92. Do a spring clean 

      This is the perfect idea for productive things to do on a Sunday and an extremely important item on this to-do list.

      To tick this off, you can spring clean your entire house, a room or two, or give your home computer a spring clean! This includes cleaning up your desktop, backing up the documents on your computer, organizing and changing old passwords, reading and cleaning out emails, and removing your name from any email subscriptions you no longer want.

      93. Buy/grow a plant 

      There’s nothing like watching a plant thrive because of how well you are caring for it. We put this item on this 2024 bucket list to push you to get in touch with your inner farmer. Plus, they look great in your home, and growing indoor plants has become pretty cool over the last year.

      All you need to grow an indoor plant is a well-lit window (or a grow light) and access to water. Low-maintenance plants anyone can grow include snake plants, peace lilies, jade plants, Xanadu, or succulents. 

      Micro herbs are also super low-maintenance and are full of micronutrients! A no-waste idea you could try is to re-grow the herbs in the pots from the supermarket. When you cut the herb to use it, be sure to snip the stem just above the first set of leaves. Then thoroughly water the herb pot, place it in a waterproof pot on a sunny windowsill, and see if the herb continues to grow!

      Not all supermarket herbs will grow again, but you might as well give it a try!

      94. Dance 

      In 2024, dance! In the nightclub, at a dance class, during your walk to work, or just around your lounge room. It’ll make you feel good, I promise! 💃

      95. Sing 

      This year, sing! Sing your heart out at an open mic night, at karaoke, or at home in the shower. Just make sure you give it your all and belt out those tunes. You’ll feel happy you did!

      96. Play a board game 

      Picture this: You’re hosting your dinner party and everyone has finished complementing your delicious meal and are enjoying a chat. You whip out a board game and within a few minutes, everyone is in stitches, laughing. Board games can bring so much joy.

      Playing a board game is also a great way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. You can check out some of the coolest new board games on Amazon, or simply use a deck of cards, play hide and seek, or make up a scavenger hunt.

      97. Do a puzzle

      Play sudoku, a crossword, celebrity head, Scrabble, Trivia, Cluedo, or Guess Who? Complete a jigsaw puzzle, magic eye book, solve a riddle, or a Rubix cube. There are so many cool puzzle books on Amazon you can do to keep your mind sharp in 2024.

      98. Watch a TV Series

      Who hasn’t binge-watched a series (or many) on Netflix during the last few years? It’s the best. This will be an easy item to tick off your year to-do list, possibly even one you can complete on new years day?!

      99. Watch a movie

      You could go to the cinema, watch Netflix at home, or dust off the old VHS if you want to. Make some truffle popcorn and tick off “try a new food” (#3) too! Go switch on the TV, and enjoy your well-deserved two hours of escapism.

      100. Listen to a Podcast

      Find a topic you would like to expand your mind on and listen to one full season.

      You never know what you’ll learn, and you must never stop learning new things!

      And that’s the full list! I’d love to see the things you want to do in 2024 by following my Castaway with Crystal Instagram account and tagging me in your posts!

      Are You Inspired??

      I hope that my list of 100 things to do in the new year will give you inspiration for your own list and that you are able to stick to it and have the most event-filled 2024 ever!

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      What are some unique things I can do with friends this year?

      There are many cool new things to try with friends this year! You can try things like geocaching, taking a road trip with friends, going camping, playing a team game, or even just going for a picnic with them in the park. If you are more adventurous (and physically fit), why not challenge your friends to complete a marathon together? Training for it together would be precious bonding moments!

      What are some summer bucket list 2024 ideas?

      With its beautiful weather, summer is the perfect time to enjoy some new outdoor activities. Here are some things to do in summer 2024: make a bonfire on the beach, try a new watersport, go stargazing, sleep outdoors for a night, relax in an outdoor hammock, or go skinny dipping!

      What are some new things I can try now (today)?

      Many of the items on my bucket list checklist can be done, if not started, today. Here are some fun things to try today: cook something new, go for a jog, surprise video call one of your friends, or start journaling! The possibility is endless, don’t be afraid to try something new this year! For 100 things to do every day, be sure to click over to see the full list!

      What are some new things to do indoors?

      If you are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things. Here is a list of things to new things to try indoors: try yoga, start reading a new book, bake something new, clean your house, reconnect with old friends, or learn a new language. Don’t let the feeling that you are stuck indoors deter you from trying something new this year!

      What are some new activities to try in winter 2024?

      Most people dread the winter and end up being extremely unproductive during that time. However, there are many activities that are only available in the winter. Here are some fun new activities to try in winter 2024 (if you haven’t done them before): go to a snowball fight, make a snowman, go skiing or snowboarding, make some mulled wine, make a gingerbread house, or finish a jigsaw puzzle!

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