100 Things to Do in 2020: A Yearly Bucket List Game

100 things to do this year in 2019

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      Want more gratitude and fun to come your way in the new year? Feel like you never do enough with your weekends and time off? Why not try writing a list of 100 things to do in 2020?

      Making your life better can come in many shapes and forms, but in the end, it is up to you to take actions that move your life forward in the direction you want it to go.

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      Have you ever stopped and written down a list of things to do in a year, a month, a life that will propel you in the right direction?

      Have you ever written down yearly bucket list ideas of activities that you know you LOVE doing, but never get the time to do anymore?

      Do you need some new things to try in 2020 to make your life more fulfilling?

      Are you trying to find cool things to do before 2020 ends? Or simply want 100 new things to try?

      Then this is the perfect game for you!

      2020 is going to be YOUR YEAR! To do more, to be happier, to live your best life. And to manifest all of this, all you have to do is write a list of things to accomplish in 2020, and then do them along with me!

      This is the new year bucket list that you should get excited about!


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      Rules of the Game
      My 2020 Bucket List Ideas
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      The Premise of 100 Things to Do This Year

      Each new year, I like to build up excitement for the coming year. This is an activity I sometimes do with my friends, where we write down a sort of 2020 bucket list, including items of things to do in the coming year.

      To be clear, this is not a “100 things to do before you die” or ‘100 things to do in life” bucket list. But instead, it is a list of fun things to do in 2020 only.

      It can include bucket list items you’ve already done in the past or new things you haven’t tried yet, and have been meaning to do. It can also include things you’ve done before and want to do again, like going camping or volunteering, even learning a foreign language.

      This is the ultimate achievable bucket list ideas list on the internet. Have a think about other cool things you’re already doing in 2020 that you can add to the list.

      The idea of this 100 things to do bucket list is to get you doing activities that you wouldn’t usually do, and it helps push you to actually do them.

      It’s also a good way to get you thinking about things to do on a Sunday, things to do in the summer or things to do when you’re bored to get you active and outdoors.

      Make 2020 a year of crossing off cool bucket list ideas, gratitude and pushing yourself to get more out of life. So let’s get going with this list of things to accomplish in a year before we run out of time!


      Need some inspiration?

      This cool 100 fun things to do after quarantine bucket list poster lets you scratch off items to reveal them once completed! A high-quality poster that comes in a neat gift box.


      Want to Play Along With Me?

      Do you want to watch my yearly things lists of things to do game on Instagram play out? Come and play along with me!

      We can help each other stay motivated and share each other’s happiness when we achieve a new goal.

      So I can stay up to date on how your yearly things to do checklist is going, follow my Instagram and use the hashtag #100Things2020.

      I’ll be reposting achievements from my followers on my Instastories too! I can’t wait to see your life get so much better in 2020 with a list of new things to try, let’s do this!


      For anyone playing at home, here are the rules to the game of 100 Things to Make and Do in 2020:

      1. Take a piece of paper or notes on your phone and write the numbers 1-100

      2. Write a goal to accomplish or fun thing to do (it can be things you’ve done before that you enjoy

      3. Keep your list concise and split things up if needed (e.g if you want to lose weight, split it up into smaller achievable goals like -1kg over a series of points so you can tick them off one by one)

      4. Keep in mind that this is a list of 100 new things to do in only 365 days, meaning you’ll be doing one item every 3.6 days. Don’t make your list unachievable, keep it simple!

      5. Smash into 2020 with a fun and achievable list of 100 goals to accomplish this year and get excited for the year ahead!

      💡 Stuck Inside for a While?
      Let’s get all our indoor, mindfulness, family and around the house items ticked off! I will keep my list the same in the hope that we are allowed outdoors again soon, but I plan to get everything indoors (plus hikes) done first!

      Need Help With your List?

      If you are having trouble coming up with ideas of 100 things to do before 2020 ends, just use my list!

      That way we can do the checklist together! So fun!

      I’ll be ticking mine off from the list below, but you can just downloading a PDF copy for yourself.

      The Best List of 100 Things to Achieve in 2020

      If you are struggling to come up with 100 things to do in a year, check out my 100 cool things to do in 2020, bucket list ideas for everybody!


      1. ✔︎ Go on a hike

      We’ve gone on a few hikes around the Northern Beaches and the Blue Mountains

      2. ✘ Swim under a waterfall

      3. ✔︎ See a cool animal in the wild

      Saw a Blue Banded Bee on my Veranda. They are an Australian native and quite rare to see!

      4. ✘ Go camping

      5. ✔︎ Go on a boat (or kayak)

      Took a Water Taxi to our Boathouse on Dangar Island.

      6. ✘ Watch the sunrise

      7. ✘ Go surfing

      8. ✘ Build a sandcastle or snowman

      9. ✘ Sleep under the stars

      10. ✔︎ Try yoga

      Need a yoga mat? Here’s some lightweight ones perfect for travel

      11. ✘ Go to local markets 

      12. ✔︎ Go for a bike ride

      Jodie got a bike and we’ve taken it around the harbour in Sydney a couple of times – I skate boarded though! 😛

      13. ✘ Go to a botanical garden

      14. ✘ Go horseback riding

      15. ✘ Go scuba diving or snorkeling

      16. ✘ Have a picnic in a park

      17. ✘ Sleep or nap in a hammock

      18. ✘ Swim at night

      19. ✘ Go to a festival


      20. ✘ Save money for travel

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      21. ✘ Buy a new travel item

      I need to get new snorkel gear for some potential upcoming travel!

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      22. ✔︎ Visit a new town/city near your current location

      I have never been to Dangar Island just outside of Sydney before. It’s such a beautiful place Jodie and I decided we wanted to buy a house there! We wish we could afford it!

      23. ✘ Visit a new country

      This likely won’t happen this year :'(

      24. ✔︎ Visit a new beach

      We went to Dudley Beach, 20 minutes drive from us in Australia and had a swim. It is spectacular and the water was so clear!

      25. ✘ Visit a UNESCO world heritage site

      I’ve been slowly checking off my UNESCO site list, there are just so many amazing sites to see. Meteora in Greece is one I didn’t know of until I stumbled upon it on instagram – check it out.

      26. ✘ Visit a weird or dark tourist site

      27. ✘ Go on a road trip

      Want inspo? Check out some epic road trips I’ve written about in Mexico, New Zealand and the Northern Territory – Australia.

      28. ✔︎ Visit a national park

      Blue Mountains National Park

      29. ✔︎ Explore an island

      We explored Dangar Island near Sydney Australia on food. It’s a small island with only a couple of hundred people living on it.

      30. ✘ Go on a romantic getaway

      31. ✘ See the snow

      32. ✔︎ Stay in a bungalow over the water

      We stayed in an incredible Boathouse over the water on Dangar Island with a private beach. It was awesome!

      33. ✘ Stay in a treehouse

      Read 6 Romantic Treehouse Hotels in Europe for Insta-worthy treehouse accoms found in Europe!

      34. ✘ Stay in an eccentric boutique hotel

      35. ✔︎ Visit a rainforest

      Blue Mountains and Dorrigo.

      36. ✘ Catch a ferry

      37. ✘ Catch a flight

      38. ✘ Learn some new words in a different language


      39. ✘ Get room service

      40. ✘ Relax in a spa bath

      41. ✘ Take yourself on a date

      42. ✔︎ Have a sleep in

      43. ✘ Try an alternative therapy like Reiki, Acupuncture or Reflexology

      44. ✘ Get a haircut or color

      45. ✔︎ Get a massage

      46. ✔︎ Watch a TV Series

      So far: Please Like Me, Tiger King, Broad City, Ozark

      47. ✔︎ Have coffee and cake at a cute cafe

      Had coffee and carrot cake at Sappho’s Book Store/Cafe in Glebe. One of my favourites!

      48. ✔︎ Go on a date night with someone special

      49. ✘ Go to the cinema


      50. ✔︎ Try a new food

      This year we’ve been trying lots of new foods to keep iso more exciting. Of note; cashew cheeses are a winner as well as cashew cream and asparagus tart.

      51. ✔︎ Try a new drink 

      52. ✔︎ Make a staple from scratch i.e. bread or pasta

      We’ve been making lots of different types of bread in iso. Jodie made an epic focaccia!

      53. ✘ Visit a speakeasy bar

      54. ✘ Have drinks on a rooftop bar

      55. ✔︎ Have brunch with friends

      56. ✔︎ Do a winery tour or go wine tasting

      My fried hosted a zoom wine tasting for her hens party. It was awesome! We loved the tiny wine-tasting bottles we got sent in the mail!

      57. ✘ Have a tea party with cakes and yummies

      We made scones and tiny sandwiches and had a tea party at my sisters house once the social distancing restrictions were relaxed.

      58. ✘ Organize a surprise dinner for someone

      59. ✘ Take a cooking class

      60. ✘ Eat street food

      61. ✘ Eat at an expensive restaurant

      62. ✘ Cook a 3-course meal for friends or family

      63. ✘ Come up with a new cocktail or fun drink

      64. ✔︎ Have a sunset cocktail


      65. ✔︎ Make something for the house

      Made a whole bunch of Ikea furniture for our new house. I’ve also painted loads of plant pots.

      66. ✔︎ Buy a houseplant

      #Obsessed. We’re loving our Euphorbias and Topsy Turvy Succulent that flowered for us!

      67. ✔︎ Grow something you can eat

      Over the summer I grew chillies, tomatoes, rocket, coriander, and basil

      68. ✔︎ Do a spring clean

      69. ✔︎ Clean up your laptop desktop and folders

      Yes, I am that person. My desktop will give you anxiety. Maybe thats why I’m constantly stressed, lol. :/ Anyway, it’s clean now…. But for how long…?

      70. ✔︎ Fix or improve something around the house

      71. ✔︎ Buy a new piece of furniture


      72. ✔︎ Decide on a New Years Resolution and stick to it

      I wanted to get down to 67 kg and achieved this.

      73. ✘ Write down 10 things that you are grateful for

      74. ✘ Try one week of positive thoughts, vibes, and actions

      75. ✔︎ Develop a good habit

      This year I have started making sure I drink at least 2 litres of water per day and the positive results have been amazing! I didn’t realise water was so energising!

      76. ✘ Give up a bad habit (i.e. smoking, chewing fingernails)

      77. ✘ Pick up rubbish that isn’t yours

      78. ✔︎ Read a book

      One of the best books I read in 2019 was the Millionaire Fast Lane. My mind was totally blown! I have never looked at my online business from this angle and it’s so, so eye-opening. I hope to find an even better read for 2020.

      79. ✘ Do volunteer work

      80. ✔︎ Make a new friend

      81. ✔︎ Send flowers to someone

      Are succulents counted? Because I sent a whole bunch of succulent cuttings to a friend who was sad in isolation to put a smile on his face!

      82. ✔︎ Petsit or babysit for a friend or relative

      83. ✔︎ Donate to a charity or go fund me

      I donated to the RFS and Wires early this year after the horrible Australian bushfires.

      84. ✘ Give food to someone in need

      85. ✘ Meditate for 1 hour

      86. ✘ Plant a tree

      87. ✔︎ Attend a rally or gathering for something you care about (i.e. climate change)


      88. ✘ Paint a picture

      89. ✔︎ Hand write a letter/postcard to someone 

      90. ✘ Do a puzzle or Rubik’s Cube

      91. ✘ Write poetry or go to a reading

      92. ✘ Learn to play a strategy game

      93. ✔︎ Do an online course

      I’ve completed 2x SEO courses, a writing course, and a content planning course. You’d think I’d be better at them all by now!

      94. ✘ Try origami


      95. ✘ Attend a live music gig or concert

      96. ✘ Go out dancing

      97. ✘ Sing your heart out at Karaoke

      98. ✘ Host or attend a costume party

      In a cool costume of course!

      99. ✘ Play Twister

      100. ✔︎ Play a ball game

      Jodie and I take a ball to the beach that bounces over the water and spend hours on the bar at Bar Beach near our home running around in the shallow water and diving in after the ball. Living near the beach is what gives me life! 💕

      This post on ‘100 Things to Do This Year’ is ticked off throughout the year and then updated in December for the coming new year.

      Play along with me by following my Castaway with Crystal Instagram account and using the hashtag #100things2020!


      I hope that my list of 100 things to do in the new year will give you inspiration for your own list and that you are able to stick to it and have the most event-filled 2019 ever!

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