100 Things to Do in 2019: A Yearly Bucket List Game

100 things to do this year in 2019

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      Want more gratitude and fun to come your way in the new year? Feel like you never do enough with your weekends and time off? Why not try writing a list of 100 things to do in 2019?

      Making your life better can come in many shapes and forms, but in the end, it is up to you to take actions that move your life forward in the direction you want it to go.

      Have you ever stopped and written down a list of things to do in a year, a month, a life that will propel you in the right direction? Have you ever written down yearly bucket list ideas of activities that you know you LOVE doing, but never get the time to do anymore? Do you need some new things to try in 2019 to make your life more fulfilling?

      Then this is the perfect game for you!

      2019 is going to be YOUR YEAR! To do more, to be happier, to live your best life. And to manifest all of this, all you have to do is write a list of things to accomplish in 2019, and then do them along with me!


      Rules of the Game
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      My 2019 Bucket List Ideas
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      The Premise of 100 Things to Do This Year

      Each new year, I like to build up excitement for the coming year. This is an activity I sometimes do with my friends, where we write down a sort of 2019 bucket list, including items of things to do in the coming year. To be clear, this is not a “100 things to do before you die” life bucket list. But instead, it is a list of fun things to do in 2019 only.

      It can include bucket list items you’ve already done in the past or new things you haven’t tried yet, and have been meaning to do. It can also include things you’ve done before and want to do again, like going camping or volunteering. Have a think about other cool things you’re already doing in 2019 that you can add to the list.

      The idea of this yearly bucket list is to get you doing activities that you wouldn’t usually do, and it helps push you to do them. It’s also a good way to get you thinking about things to do on a Sunday, things to do in the summer or things to do when you’re bored to get you active and outdoors. Make 2019 a year of crossing off cool bucket list ideas, gratitude and pushing yourself to get more out of life!

      Want to Play Along With Me?

      Do you want to watch my yearly things to do game on Instagram play out? Come and play along with me! We can help each other stay motivated and share each other’s happiness when we achieve a new goal.

      For me to stay up to date on how everyone’s yearly things to do checklist is going, use the hashtag #100Things2019. I’ll be reposting achievements from my followers on my Instastories too! I can’t wait to see your life get so much better in 2019, let’s do this!


      For anyone playing at home, here are the rules to the game of 100 Things to Make and Do in 2019:

      1. Take a piece of paper or notes on your phone and write the numbers 1-100

      2. Write a goal to accomplish or fun thing to do (it can be things you’ve done before and you enjoy

      3. Keep your list concise and split things up if needed (e.g if you want to lose weight, split it up into smaller achievable goals like -1kg over a series of points so you can tick them off one by one)

      4. Keep in mind that this is a list of 100 new things to do in only 365 days, meaning you’ll be doing one item every 3.6 days. Don’t make your list unachievable, keep it simple!

      5. Smash into 2019 with a fun and achievable list of 100 goals to accomplish this year and get excited for the year ahead!

      My List of 100 Things to Achieve in 2019

      If you are struggling to come up with 100 things to do in a year, check out my 100 cool things to do in 2019 bucket list.

      1. ✘ Travel to a new country 

      I always love discovering a new country – though from Australia it’s kind of hard since it always involves a flight. I’m not sure if this one will be achievable in 2019. We will see!

      2. ✔︎ Travel to a new place in my home country

      Went around to loads of new places in Sydney Harbour, ON A BOAT!!!

      3. ✘ Go camping

      One of my favourite things to do – hopefully it will involve a beach and some booze!

      4. ✘ Have a bonfire on the beach

      5. ✘ Sleep under the stars

      6. ✘ Sleep in a hammock

      I’ve been meaning to sleep in my parachute silk hammock for ages. 2019 will be the year we do!

      7. ✘ Hike for a day

      8. ✘ Swim under a waterfall

      9. ✘ Swim at night

      This is always a mental battle for me but I love pushing myself to do things that scare me!

      10. ✘ Buy a souvenir 

      11. ✔︎ Dance on the beach

      Check out my Instagram Stories to see this hilariously stupid clip…

      12. ✔︎ Learn to cook a new cuisine 

      Learned how to make Mexican Carnitas – OMG!

      13. ✘ Cook a 3-course meal for friends or family 

      I did this in 2017 and it was epic! I made Patron Martinis, coconut prawns and salt baked chicken. It was an absolute hit!

      14. ✘ Take a cooking class

      I have never done one before and I really want to. it will have to be overseas though, since Australia is too expensive!

      15. ✔︎ Learn how to make a new cocktail 

      Kahlua and Baileys Coffee Martinis! 😋

      16. ✘ Try a new cocktail

      17. ✘ Try a new type of alcohol 

      18. ✘ Pay for a strangers drink or food

      I have always wanted to do this. I’ll be making a conscious effort to do it in 2019.

      19. ✘ Volunteer for a week

      Last year I volunteered in Guatemala at Ix-Canaan (who bring health, education and opportunity to the people of the jungle) and it was lovely. I hope I can do something just as rewarding this year.

      20. ✔︎ Go vegan for a month

      In January I did veganuary and I really enjoyed it. J and I made some amazing dishes and acquired tastes for some new foods. I don’t yet know if I’ll go full vegan but now I know what it’s like, and I have loads more education on the topic.

      21. ✔︎ Give things I don’t use to charity 

      22. ✘ Donate money to charity

      23. ✘ Buy something for someone I love

      When it isn’t even their birthday or Christmas…

      24. ✘ Do a good deed with no expectations 

      25. ✔︎ Pick up rubbish that isn’t mine

      Heard of 3-for-the-Sea? It’s where you pick up 3 pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach. I always do this! I also like to pick up rubbish if I’m angry and need some time alone to think.

      26. ✘ Send flowers to someone 

      27. ✔︎ Go on a road trip

      28. ✘ Soak in a hot spring spa

      Hot springs are one of my favourite things ever and I always try to go to as many as possible!

      29. ✘ Get a professional massage

      30. ✔︎ Go for a walk on the beach

      31. ✘ Watch the sunrise

      32. ✘ Do a self-guided walking tour in a city 

      I would like to start doing posts on self-guided tours. So I’ll have to do some “market research” and start going on some myself!

      33. ✘ Go to a speakeasy bar

      A Speakeasy Bar is one that you need a password to get in. Sometimes they don’t even have an address. It’s super exclusive and you feel so important when you get in!

      34. ✘ Stay in a treehouse

      There are SO many cool treehouse accomodations out there! I found loads of cool treehouse hotels in Europe that I hope to try out!

      35. ✘ Stay in a bungalow over the water

      36. ✘ Stay in a seriously cool boutique hotel

      37. ✘ Couchsurf with a random person

      38. ✘ Do a house sit

      Last year, Jodie and I did a few house and pet sits around Mexico and found it was a really good way to stay in an area for a long time and really enjoy the area while stopping and being able to work for a while.

      39. ✘ Do a pet sit / look after a friends pet

      40. ✔︎ Quit drinking for a month

      The year before last, I quit smoking altogether and last year I really reduced how much I drank. This year in May I didn’t drink any alcohol. It was a well-needed break.

      41. ✔︎ Go out for a big brunch with a friend

      42. ✘ Eat street food

      My favourite type of food!

      43. ✘ Eat out at an expensive restaurant

      44. ✔︎ Eat something weird / unusual

      While I was vegan for Veganuary (January) this year we cooked with activated yeast. I still don’t really know what that is…

      45. ✘ Photograph the Milky Way

      46. ✘ Drink a cocktail with the sunset

      47. ✔︎ Host a weekend getaway or holiday with family (or friends) 

      My sister this year got spoilt with a weekend away next to a lake in a swanky Airbnb house.

      48. ✘ Plant a tree

      49. ✘ Go cycling

      50. ✔︎ See a movie at the cinema

      We saw Bohemian Rhapsody. What an amazing film!!!

      51. ✔︎ Visit a beach I have never been to before

      52. ✘ Head to a costume party in an epic costume

      No idea yet what party or what costume but it shall be epic!

      53. ✘ Go surfing

      54. ✘ Do a zip line

      55. ✘ Ride on an ATV, scooter or motorbike

      I’d actually love to get my motorbike licence this year, but it will depend on where I end up basing myself.

      56. ✘ Go snorkelling 

      57. ✘ Walk on a suspension bridge

      58. ✘ Make a snow man / sand man

      I may not get to the snow this year, so if I don’t it will be a sand man!

      59. ✔︎ Attend a same-sex wedding

      Wooo! Same-sex weddings are totally fabulous! I went to my gay guy friends wedding in April and have a gay girl friends wedding in June! It’s so delightful to see so much love in the air!

      60. ✘ Go on a date night with someone special

      61. ✔︎ Fly my drone

      First fly of the year was over the might Manning River on the mid-north coast for a rowing contest. The pics are epic!

      62. ✘ Attend a live music gig

      63. ✔︎ Explore a Hedge Maze

      There is a rad hedge maze at a winery near where I’m living now. I had never been to one before and it was on my life bucket list. Glad to have ticked that super-cool achievement off my bucket list!

      bucket list 2019 hedge maze
      Bago Maze at Bago Vineyards, NSW

      64. ✘ Partake in a high tea afternoon

      I do love a high tea but they are always expensive. Will definitely be making the effort to go to one in 2019.

      65. ✘ Smash my to-do list

      Just one time this year I’d like to tick off everything on my weekly to-do list!

      66. ✘ Play a round of twister 

      67. ✘ Skinny dip / go to a nude beach

      68. ✔︎ Read a book

      We are 4 weeks in and I have so far read 2 books! One of them was the Millionaire Fast Lane and my mind is totally blown! I have never looked at my online business from this angle and it’s so, so eye-opening.

      69. ✔︎ Do a headstand 

      I’ve been doing them about three times per week in yoga. Makes me feel younger!

      70. ✘ Explore an abandoned building 

      Abandoned things are totally my thing. Whenever I see something abandoned, I always want to go and explore it!

      71. ✘ Spot an endangered or rare animal

      72. ✔︎ See an Australian animal

      So far, I have spotted 2 goannas and a kookaburra!

      73. ✘ Catch a ferry

      74. ✔︎ Go skateboarding 

      75. ✘ Buy a new piece of furniture 

      76. ✔︎ Complete 10 hours of learning to speak Spanish

      77. ✘ Exercise at least 3 times per week for a month

      78. ✘ Meditate 5 times per week for a month

      Loving this app Calm for it’s seriously good meditation sessions!

      79. ✘ Make a new friend

      80. ✔︎ Watch a TV series I’ve been wanting to see

      81. ✘ Google my name

      I’ll let you know how this goes 😜

      82. ✘ Save money for travel

      I’m hoping to save at least $1, 000 but want to save a lot more than that!

      83. ✘ Learn to play a strategy game

      Strategy games are good for keeping your mind alert. Last year I learnt backgammon in Turkey, this year I’m keen to learn a new one!

      84. ✘ Hand write a letter to someone

      85. ✘ Create something handmade

      I need to keep my creative muscles active – I haven’t done much handmade for a long time!

      86. ✔︎ Create a video and upload it

      Here’s one that includes all of my drone footage taken on the beaches in Mexico!

      87. ✘ Paint a picture (on canvas)

      88. ✘ Plant a herb garden 

      89. ✘ Get new camera gear

      This is seriously LONG overdue!

      90. ✘ Learn how to use new gear

      91. ✘ Learn a new skill (digital)

      I’d love to learn some more Adobe design skills to make the blog even prettier!

      92. ✘ Attend a conference (TBEX)

      I’m booked in to attend TBEX travel conference this year for the first time and I’m SUPER excited!

      93. ✘ Write a poem

      94. ✘ Go to the theatre

      95. ✘ Watch a poetry reading

      I particularly love Slam Poetry readings. They are life-changing!

      96. ✔︎ Learn a new business ownership skill

      I’m currently learning how to put together a professional Business Plan!

      97. ✘ Fix something around the house

      98. ✘ Write down what I am grateful for every day this year

      99. ✘ Develop a good habit 

      100. ✘ Stick to a New Years Resolution

      My new years resolutions this year will be about working smarter with my blog and to do more exercise and meditation!

      This post on ‘100 Things to Do This Year’ is ticked off throughout the year and then updated in December for the coming new year.


      I hope that my list of 100 things to do in the new year will give you inspiration for your own list and that you are able to stick to it and have the most event-filled 2019 ever!

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