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Who doesn't like doing free activities? After having my wallet stolen in Buenos Aires I decided to make the most of my monetary situation. This is an extensive list of the best free things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca, do a Free Walking Tour, explore the worlds most famous cemetery, of watch free live music. BA has it all! Have you tried any of these? #Free #ThingsToDoIn #BuenosAires #Argentina #Photography #CwC #Travel #Palermo #Tango
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Did you know Denver has a thriving art and music scene? Get to know this city like a local with the ultimate list of Free Things to Do in Denver, Colorado. You can't do some of these awesome things anywhere else! Like the First Friday Art Walk, attend completely FREE summer festivals or watch a free movie at an amphitheatre made of natural rock! Have you tried any of these? #Free #ThingsToDoIn #Winter #Denver #Colorado #USA #Photography #CwC #Travel #Downtown #Hiking #Attractions
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