Photos from the VIVID Festival of Light

line 4 JPEGAmazing Timelapse Photography from VIVID 2016

Every year I brave the bitter cold, rainy and windy weather to walk around Sydney Harbour for a couple of hours to check out VIVID festival. It’s easily one of my favourite free gigs that Sydney puts on. It combines the latest in visual technology mixed with creative and interactive technology. Ths year the Opera House was lit up with an Indigenous Australia theme with gorgeous bright colours and awesome art. Here are my favourite pics from the night. 

operahouse15sec10mbVIVID Festival 2016 Opera House-4VIVID Festival 2016-4Archway at VIVID 2016VIVID Festival 2016-8mca15sec10mbVIVID Festival 2016 Harbour Bridge-2VIVID Festival 2016VIVID Festival 2016-11customshouse10mb
VIVID Festival Photography - Castaway with CrystalLocation Info

Place: Sydney
Country: Australia
Language: English
Currency: Australian Dollars
$1 USD = $1.31
I was there: May 2016

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