Trashed Cars of the NT Photoblog

line 4 JPEG Beautiful burnt out cars in the Northern Territory

Everyone has a weird thing that they secretly like… For me it’s abandoned and graffitied things. I find a simple beauty in burnt out cars; the way the windows shatter into tiny squares, and how the seats become majestically disfigured. Something that someone once loved and used every day. Something someone protected and put money into. Just left on the side of the road with no more worth to a soul. It’s a stark reminder of the circle of life. I feel similarly about abandoned buildings. The trashed cars I found in Northern Territory were especially appealing. Bright red dirt juxtaposed with the steel of the cars was something I found captivating. So, for now, I will leave you with some photographs of the majestic beasts I came across during my trip around the NT.

DumpedCarsNorthernTerritory5Burnt out car in Katherine National Park-6Abandoned rusty cars in the Northern Territory-8DumpedCarsNorthernTerritory3Abandoned rusty car in MacDonnell Ranges-5Abandoned rusty car in MacDonnell Ranges-2-3DumpedCarsNorthernTerritory4Abandoned rusty cars in the Northern Territory near Karlu Karlu-8DumpedCarsNorthernTerritory2Abandoned rusty cars in the Northern Territory near Karlu KarluPhotography by Crystal Egan, taken on the roads from Darwin to Alice Springs and Ayres Rock. 

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Trashed Cars Of The Northern Territory - Castaway with Crystal

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