[WATCH] A Day in Baracoa, Cuba

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Video of a Day Trekking around Baracoa with a GoPro on my Head

Baracoa is on the far Eastern tip of Cuba and is one of the more difficult places to get to in Cuba. If you’re wondering wether it’s worth the long and difficult trip to get there, check out this video to see what it’s like. The small, quaint town of Baracoa is surrounded by lush rainforest, beaches, bays and a tabletop mountain you can hike up. In this video I trek out of the town and along the beach towards Parque Natural Majayara, where we hire a guide to take us to the viewpoint and caves to swim the natural pools inside. After we go alone to swim and watch the sunset from Playa Blanca (White Beach). 

To immerse yourself in this awesome little town check out the video below:

Sightseeing Information

Want to know where I went and how much it cost me when I was there? Here’s a list of the time code and the information. Click on the timecode in the Youtube Description and it will take you to that exact point!

00:04 Our granny flat Casa Particular (homestay) in Baracoa $15USD (TOTAL) per night
00:14 Buying drinks at the service station. Probably cost about 50c for soft drink
00:38 Entry into Parque Natural Majayara $2 USD, hire guide for walk, tip
00:40 Local lady sells us chocolate made from Baracoa Coca and fresh coconut oil. Total: $2
00:59 The lookout over the beach and tabletop mountain
01:03 Coffee with the locals while it rains
01:19 Swim in the water inside the cave
01:37 Walk along the volcanic rock path
01:45 Being fed orange by a local
02:02 A swim at White Beach
02:15 Watch the sun set over the mountain

Check out the linked site for more information on How to Travel Cuba!

WATCH A Day in Baracoa Cuba - Castaway with Crystal

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Location Info
Place: Baracoa
Country: Cuba
Language: Spanish
Currency: 2 Currencies – Peso (CUP) and
Convertible Peso (CUC)
$1 USD =26.5CUP or 1.00CUC
I was there: January 2015

What do you think of Baracoa? Would you make the difficult trip?

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