100 Things to do in 2017

line-4My List of 100 Things to Achieve in 2017

A couple of my friends and I decided to do a list of things we want to do in 2017. It’s kind of like a bucket list but it can include things you’ve done before and want to do again. The purpose it to motivate us to get off the couch (or in my case away from the computer) and actually get shit done! Everything on the list has to be crossed off by the end of the year. I decided to post this (somewhat personal) list on my blog for a couple of reasons… The first is so that I’ll be accountable to all you guys and will actually have to do it. The second is because I need your help! I haven’t managed to think of all 100 cool things to do, so if you have a bright ideas, please tell me! I’ll pick some of the best ones and put them on my list 😀

My  kick-ass list of things to do in 2017

  1. Go to a place I’ve never been

    Went to Worriewood and Dee Why on Saturday 14th Jan

  2. Go to a country I’ve never been
  3. Eat a food I’ve never eaten
  4. Go camping
  5. Sleep in my hammock
  6. Do an overnight trek 
  7. Make a new friend
  8. Swim at a beach I’ve never swam

    Went swimming at Dee Why beach on Saturday 14th Jan

  9. Swim in a thunder storm 
  10. Swim in the ocean at dusk 

    …But not in Australia because I’ll be eaten by a shark

  11. Swim in the ocean in winter somewhere cold
  12. Swim under a waterfall
  13. Couchsurf
  14. Rent an Air BnB

    OMG check this beautiful Airbnb I relaxed in in the Hunter Valley. Bliss!

  15. Make $1,000 from CwC Blog
  16. Do a sponsored post, and charge for it
  17. Get a sponsored camera
  18. Get some other product sponsor
  19. Win a competition for photography or video
  20. Sell my photography online with Alamy, Stockxpert and Canstock Photo
  21. Photograph a frog
  22. Get published on a News site or Magazine
  23. Publish travel theme poem on CwC blog
  24. Write a short story about my life (possibly for CwC)
  25. Interview a local in a third world country 
  26. Watch 10 episodes of a cool travel show

    So rn I’m watching Gaycation on SBS on demand. So good. 

  27. Watch a documentary 
  28. Get some RM Williams boots

    I have been wanting some of these for SO LONG but have never been able to afford them! Will save this year for them

  29. Buy a new Handbag
  30. Grow tomatoes 

  31. Design a Cocktail
  32. Create a collage 
  33. Visit my sisters at least 3 times each ZOE: I   II  III, LUCY: I   II   III
  34. Show someone how much I love them
  35. Fall off my skateboard

    I know this sounds weird but it will show that I’m slowly progressing and becoming fearless!

  36. Read Fight Like a Girl – Clementine Ford
  37. Do the Manly to Spit coastal walk (Sydney)
  38. Catch the ferry to Parramatta (Sydney)
  39. Catch ferry to/from Palm Beach (North Sydney)
  40. Skateboard from Glebe Point to Barangaroo (Sydney)
  41. Go to Worriewood Blowhole (North Sydney)


  42. Stay in a Log Cabin in the rainforest

    My aunty has a log house in Elands, took friends there for a weekend in Feb 🙂

  43. Quit smoking
  44. Go Caving
  45. Get food poisoning

    Another weird one but it will show I ate the shit out of street food in another country

  46. Paint on canvas
  47. Learn a new phrase in Spanish and use it in conversation 
  48. Cook a three course meal for friends
  49. Take mind-enhancing drugs (shhhhhh!)
  50. Be in the 2017 Mardi Gra Parade
  51. Kiss someone passionately
  52. Help an old person 
  53. Complement a stranger 
  54. Hug a stranger
  55. Feed a homeless person 
  56. Give money to a homeless person
  57. Give my old iPhone 4 with charger to a homeless person
  58. Give something of mine away to a friend 
  59. Plant a tree
  60. Clean up litter from street
  61. Clean up litter from a beach
  62. Do charitable work
  63. Donate $100 to Jeans for Genes
  64. Tell someone that you’ve never told before that you love them 
  65. Write a letter to someone and post it, old school style
  66. Refurbish something old
  67. For one week carry a book and pen and write down every positive thing I experience
  68. Write a self-affirmation 
  69. Meditate at a Buddhist temple
  70. Perform yoga outdoors 

    Yoga in the Park in Camperdown Memorial on 15th Jan

  71. Play catch in a park 
  72. Go cycling
  73. Learn a trick on my skateboard
  74. Play frisbee
  75. See a movie at the cinema

    Saw Lion – it was amazing!

  76. Cook with a new spice I’ve never cooked with before
  77. Grow flowers in winter 
  78. For 6 full weeks eat vegetarian ONLY, I   II   III   IV   V   VI
  79. Win a Fitbit challenge

    I bought myself a Fitbit for Christmas #obsessed. Beat my sister in a week-long challenge, HA!!!

  80. Walk 100,000 steps in a week 
  81. Get to 67kg 
  82. Get to 65 kg
  83. Get to 63 kg
  84. Tell myself I love myself on 10 different occasions when I need it, I   II   III   IV   V   VI   VII   VIII   IX   X
  85. Have a date night with myself
  86. Take myself out for an expensive meal
  87. Go to a bush doof 
  88. Go to an underground/warehouse rave
  89. Do a Regatón class with Petey 
  90. Go to a music gig

    Holy shamoley Tash Saltana was one of the BEST gigs I’ve ever been to!

  91. Play Kings Cup drinking game
  92. Drink German wine
  93. Drink Moēt champagne 
  94. Catch up with 3 old friends I   II   III
  95. Fly my drone outdoors
  96. Do a Fire Twirling session again
  97. Sleep under the stars

    Elands – slept on the verandah because it was too hot inside (it was a heatwave)

  98. Go to a costume party
  99. Stay in a Tiny House or Tree House

    See Airbnb above!

  100. Volunteer with Animals

pinterestWhat cool things are you getting up to in 2017??? Tell me about them in the comments below..



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